Monday, March 1, 2010

The Heart Walk

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a good weekend. Busy! The Heart Walk was so much fun. Lots of people and lots of free stuff. Healthy free stuff. We loaded up and the took our stuff back to the car before the race. We were very early ( as you can see by the 1st pic ). The race didn't start till 9am. That's like almost lunch time for me. I am an early riser. My sister in Japan was walking the Tokyo Marathon. At the same time, practically. She had to quit at 10 miles, just too cold and snowy. I was very proud of her. She had never even walked a 5K before. She starts out big. Saturday night was an adult church meeting. I stayed up very late that night. Almost till 10 pm. UNHEARD OF! Slept till 8am on Sunday morning. Who am I??

Another meeting Sunday morning and then I met with my bishop ( like a pastor) and I feel alot better. Like I said last week, my circumstances haven't changed. My attitude has. This isn't going to be easy, but it can be done. Food wasn't the best. Not bad stuff just too much stuff. Right now with all this stuff going on, I am not going to beat myself up too bad. I am maintaining my weight, and for now I am happy with that. My mind kind of needs to catch up with this body. I am not done, I am just being kind to myself. The rest of the weight will come off. I am trying to manage not just a food addiction, but my drug addiction as well. My mind as been really attacking me lately. I know how to manage the feelings. I know what to do to NOT use. So far it's been enough. I really need to get my meeting attendance back to were it used to be. Going to work on that this week. It's one eternal round, if it's not one thing it's another.

But it always something. Feeling good today, really! Attitude is good and I am feeling positive. I will enjoy it while it lasts. I am going to start my therapy this week as well. I think it will be a good thing. I've never done it before, so I really don't know what to expect. Not worried though.

Enjoy the pics.....have a great day........keep the mood and the food real.1

We got there early, see no people....but not for long
This is the group I walked with. They are co-workers of my walking buddy. they were alot of fun
This pic shows all the people trying to get to the starting line. Including the old white dude with braids. That cracked me up.
See LOTS of people
Me near the pic of me crossing the finish line.....I forgot.


  1. Sounds like the walk was a lot of fun. Speaking as someone with a LOT of issues, I think that your decision to maintain for now is a WISE one. ;) Because I wouldn't be able to maintain much longer after things start to slip around. Good thinking on guarding yourself.

    Hope you have a great day!

  2. You have such a positive attitude! I wish you the best my friend and send lots of hugs to you!

    I love the pics from the walk! :) great job!

  3. Keep up the great job. I gave it all over to God and it felt so good. I have lost the weight and continue to lose more. And I like to think the God lifts my foot and I choose to put it back down.

  4. You look like one tall glass o' water in the desert!
    Good to get out and enjoy it, eh?

  5. Nice walk, glad you're feeling better. *hugs*

  6. Great Walk, Good Thinking,
    You are Going Great and will be even Stronger.

    Love and Hugs


  7. Congrats on doing the Heart Walk! Nice that you got lots of free stuff - all they had at my GLOW run was samples of EmergenC, which I found funny, since we fools were outside in the freezing cold night and would probably all be needing it!

    Love the pictures - you are so pretty, Dana!

    First things first...of course, sometimes it's hard to pin down what to put first. You're doing great, my friend.

  8. Yeah Dana!!! I'm so proud of you woman! Hey I've maintained for a year. There are good things to be said for maintaining. Proving to yourself you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. Prove to yourself that you can keep up all the positive changes you've made before trying to move on.
    How wise you are sweety!

  9. I had an awesome weekend ;)

    so glad you enjoyed the walk babes. i love it. and the pictures. wow it was cool your sister was walking at the same time in tokyo. COOL.

    *hugs* don't listen to the crazy brain.


  10. Congratulations on finishing the walk - surrounding yourself with active & positive people...All great decisions. Keep it up.

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