Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lunch With The CarbTripper

This is me and the blogger Carbtripper, or Anne, as I like to call her. She was passing thru town on her way to Cali and we had lunch. This was the 1st blogger I have met in real life. It was a nice time. She was a lovely person and easy to chat with. I wasn't able to be gone for very long so we had to cut it short after about an hour. Anne is continuing on a spiritual journey. I wish her all the best! Her blog is I am a linking dummy, sorry. Check her out. She is a woman of few words (on her blog that is but gets her point across very well. Also her pics are awesome, she has a great eye of what to shoot.
I have had a great week. food has been so much better then last week's. I haven't been munchie and I have getting my water in. I walked everyday, but not really a work out. This morning was a super slow walk with a friend and then we headed to the Aloha Festival. I eat some super salty Kahlua pork....ick. I didn't finish it, so that was a good thing in the end. Lots of slow walking around at the festival as well. Didn't buy ANYTHING! *pausing while I break my arm patting my own back*
The wedding Thursday night was fun. My boss's daughter's 3rd marriage. They really are such an intersting family. I know 4 generations of them now for about 10 years. They are truly a 'tribe' to be
I have been thinking about friends lately. I am so grateful for my blogging buddies. I know that you are a huge reason for my success this time around. Not only for my success, but for all the fun I've had doing it. These 1st 75 lbs seemed to fall off me. I worked at, no doubt, but it didn't seem like work.
Another huge reason is the support from my friends and family(especially my daughter and my sisters) in my real life. I have a huge network that draw on for support. They always tell me that I can do anything. That I am a capable person. Add to that the fact they are always happy for my successes, and well, what can I say?? I feel totally blessed.
I am not married, but I have good, decent men in my life. From my own son and SIL, to the men that I go to church with, the hubs of friends, to the men (except one ) in the family the employees me. Again, I feel totally blessed.
I feel so grateful to have this supportive bunch of "cheerleaders". It's what makes life worth living!
Keep the mood and the food someone's cheerleader!


  1. What fun! Meeting people IRL from online is great fun. In fact, I'm having dinner tonight with four other women whom I met online almost nine years ago. It's getting harder to get together, but we still do it.

    Happy Sunday - and great picture of the both of you!

  2. oh my goodness....why is there such a huge gap

  3. That's a great name for fellow bloggers ... cheerleaders. Great photograph!

  4. Oh i so wish i could have been there with both of you!!
    Support i think is one of the greatest assets we can have.

  5. I'm glad you had such a fun time with carbtripper. I am seriously indebted to all of you guys too. It's not only fun to have cheerleaders and an outlet for all the "emotional crap" but it's awesome to BE a cheerleader. It's made such a difference.

  6. Hi F Mc B!
    We make a great cheering section, don't we!

  7. How great for you both! The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bloggers. Great smiles, girls! :)

    I don't know where I'd be somedays if it weren't for all you "cheerleaders".

  8. i love that picture. its so happy!
    *pouts* i want to meet more bloggers!

  9. Cool you got to meet Anne. I loved the idea of being someone's cheerleader, you are a great cheerleader woman!!! *hugs*


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