Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Having a good morning. My weight was 187 again this AM. So that is down like 1.6 from last week. I am happy about that. That is 2 weeks in row that I have shown a loss. That's progress! I did good with food yesterday. Though I was hungrier. I knew that I might have jinxed myself. I walked for 40 mins this morning on the treadclimber and really worked up a sweat. Felt really good.

The financial guy canceled on me last night. To tell the truth I was so exhausted by the time we were supposed to meet I was kind of glad. We are shooting for tonight.

My daughter has had no more bleeding. Thank you so much for all your supportive comments from yesterday. Your good thoughts and prayers were really heartfelt and appreciated.

I have been thinking about selfishness. I have worked really hard at trying to put selfishness behind me. I try to be honest in my dealings with others and myself. I am grateful for my OWN moral compass. Everyone has there own. That is the thing about free will.

I have been reading another blog. That's what made me think about selfishness. I was almost appalled by a response to a comment I made. I will take my problems ANY DAY OF THE WEEK and be grateful for them. I am grateful for my willingness to look at myself, HONESTLY, and then try to improve instead of making excuses. Being honest with yourself is the toughest kind of honesty. I am not saying that I am perfect at it. I said TRYING. It's progress not perfection.

Keep the mood and the food real..........PROGRESS!


  1. Great job on the loss and I am really glad your daughter is doing well.

  2. The PastaQueen talked about you today.


  3. Ah, but the link was you, and she said it TWICE. That is talking about you silly.

  4. Sounds like it's a good day - and I'm happy for you!!!

  5. So glad to hear the update on your daughter! And it goes without saying that I'm pleased for you.

    Progress, not perfection. We should get a tattoo!

  6. Glad your daughter is doing better I did say a prayer for her (and you). I think prayer is such an important part of life. Hope the meeting goes well tonight. I know what you mean about working on not being selfish. Sometimes though others take things the wrong way or just don't want to except responsibility for things. I'm always reminding myself it's about them not me. *hugs*

  7. So glad to hear that your daughter is not longer spotting/bleeding!

  8. Glad your daughter has stopped bleeding... I hope you can sort something out with the financial services chap - I know how all-consuming debt can be (been there in the past) and you just have this constant feeling of 'dread' (or worse) hanging over you... :o(

    Thinking of you and sending lots of postive thoughts your way.

    Patsy x


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