Monday, March 15, 2010

smile and wave!

This is a group we saw as we were leaving the Aloha Festival Saturday. A huge group of kids (male and female) were dressed in wedding dresses. I have never seen anything like it. They said it was for a bar crawl. Never heard of that either. Man. I used to be so hip. Yes, I was a legend in my own mind. Notice how blue the sky was that day. It was a great time. My kids came into to town after church yesterday. We had sloppy joes and then went to the park. I had bought bubbles and the kids loved it. So did their mom and My SIL took this whole week off so their family is going to do mini vacations around the valley this week. It's Spring Break here in AZ. They will be visiting museums, parks, it should be a fun week. I am invited when I don't have to work. I have to go in every day and check messages and pay bills, but I don't have to stay all day.

I had a bad food day yesterday. There was lemon cake involved and way too much salt. I got on the scales this morning and I was up like 4 lbs from yesterday. It's not a real weight. I jumped on the scale to scare me straight I will jugging the H2O today. Today is a new day!
No real walking was done over the weekend either. Though I did ride my bike to church. All the people I go to church with were honking and telling me how cute I was riding that my dress no! Yep, lots of waving going on during the ride home. I've never gotten so much attention. It was fun. I was told more then once how great it is that I am so active. I agree!!
I am taking a bunch of old ladies on a drug run to Mexico today. It's a good time. I don't have a passport so I walk the huge parking lot for an hour while they go to the pharmacy.
Hope everyone has a great Monday. Keep the mood and the real.......SMILE and WAVE!


  1. You are up and at 'em early this morning! Have a wonderful time this week with your extended family. The weather looks beautiful.

  2. That is hilarious!!!! Today is definitely a new day, enjoy it to the fullest :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! You have fun in the parking lot of Mexico. That sounds like fun.

  4. I like that...scare me straight! Very funny. Great that you can realize the 4 lbs isn't real weight. It's when I don't realize that, and then give up.

  5. drug run? lol SO funny...

    awww I wish you had a pic of your bike ride!!! I would have waved at ya too! :)

  6. it's great how quickly you were able to move on from the "4 lbs up" incident. we cant let ourselves get dragged down by tiny bumps. Positive mentality will keep up our positive actions :)

  7. Scared straight and drug are so funny! The weather is beautiful and I'm so glad you are able to be out, enjoying it!

    Love love love your bike ride in a dress to church - you know you made everyone happy to see you waving to them, right?!? You are a fun person, Dana!

  8. I don't know what a bar crawl is either, and I'm 21.

  9. bar crawls are baaaaaaaaaaad. they create the worst hangovers ever but at the time major fun. love the pic!

    get right on the water chugging missus.

    mini vacations sound like fun. riding a bike in a dress? nice!

  10. How funny! That picture is hilarious.

    I actually know a lot about bar crawls (aka pub crawls)...from my younger years. They call them that because after you've had drinks in several different bars, you can't walk anymore, only crawl. Ah, the good old days.

    I love lemon cake. I want some right now.:)

  11. HA, I love the conclusion. You say it so casually, like it's an everyday thing to take old ladies on a Mexican drug run.
    9 weight loss

  12. LOL! That is so funny!

    You ride your bike to church?? Wow... teach me? ;)

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