Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's a girl to do?

I am suppose to on Spring Break, but you would never know it. I have worked both yesterday and today. Oh well, I will take days off later, when I really want them. I am trying to figure some financial stuff out. I hate to do it, but I might have to do something drastic to be able to start fresh. I have never filed bankruptcy before, but I really don't know what else to do. It seems that with the extra credit card fees and the extra medical bills and of course the no car thing, I have really no other choice. It will 120 degrees before you know it, and I can't ride a bike all summer. I am still trying to decide if this is really want I want to do. I have tried to just not think about it, but it's not going to fix itself....damn it. It's like I am paralyzed with fear cause I don't want to choose the wrong thing. As my dad would say....Do something Dana, even if it's wrong. Don't let life happen to you.

When I was a kid growing up in grade school I was obsessed with that show Bewitched. You know the show. With a twitch of her nose Samantha could make all her problems go away. I don't think I have ever gotten over the fact that I was lied I have ALWAYS tried to opt for the easy way out. Unfortunately there is never really an easy way out. The only way to solve problems to plow thru them. Any suggestions from any of you?? I know this is a weight loss blog and not a " help Dana figure her $$ shit out, but I could use some feedback.

My weight this morning was 188.2 lbs. I forgot to see what last week's was, but I'm sure I've stayed about the same. I will take it, with a smile on my face a a song in my heart!

Keep the mood and the food real.......don't live your life by default. Make things happen for you!

P.S. I love the new TV shows In The Middle and Modern Family. Good stuff!!


  1. Is you car beyond repair? Egads, these are tough decisions Dana. You know, bankruptcy is not the end of the world, if that's what you have to do. Only you know your true situation. I don't know if you listen to Dave Ramsey, but I think he's got some pretty sound advice for finances, etc.

    BTW, this is your blog and if you chose to venture into a little real life stuff, well, so be it. It's all inter-related.

  2. Toughie! Sorry to hear that the $$ trouble is taking over.

    Consignment of all clothes you dont fit/wear...I did this and made $100, now I got it regualrly and get a bit of spending $. Same for old dvd's & Cd's.

    These are just bandaids of course. Second job (unrealistic for most people), no car is a tough one. I've lived without a car before and that is not fun at all.

    As to bankruptcy... my husband did that almost 7 years ago now (long before he met me) and he is JUST crawling out from under that now. No loans, no new car, HIGH interest rates, no credit card.... try booking into a hotel for the night. :( yikes!

    Not that I'm tryin to discourage you - I think getting some advice is best! They will know your situation.

    Hope it gest better soon!!

  3. Can you send me your e-mail? Just wanted to post privately!

  4. I loved Bewitched too!!!!

    Love to you

  5. I used to let life happen to me. it sucks.

    i dont know what to say about the money problems babes. financial advice is not my forte. hope everything works out though.

    <3 i might just gain so you come across the atlantic and kiss my arse. and then i can hug yer.

  6. I wish I could wave a magic want and make all of your financial problems disappear. A while back, when things were really, really tough for us, I ate out of fear. Not good. The problem with bankruptcy is that you won't be able to get a car loan, so it might be worth it to scrape up the money to fix your car. Have you tried consumer credit counseling, or some similar service that might be able to negotiate a more reasonable payment plan for your bills?

    Hugs to you - hang in there. It IS scary, this money stuff.

  7. wand, not want. Geez Shelley, proofread much?!?

  8. I never look down on people for filing bankruptcy, but I do know that the aftermath of trying to get loans, credit cards, etc. is CRAPPY to deal with. It will stay on your credit report for 7-10 years, and I've heard that especially nowadays they will rape you with interest rates if there's something like a bankruptcy on there.

  9. I'm sorry about the financial problems - as a poor married college student, I am so with you... I'd like to get rid of school loans with the flick of my wrist!!

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  10. I see someone else suggested Dave Ramsey's program/books/probably website. I respect his advice and he has given good guidance to a lot of people in really bad financial situations.

    Your father sounds like a wise man. You can't run away from this. Meet it head on with the same determination you are giving to your health and weight! You can do it. Keep blogging. Pray! (It's not just a "line" - "have a come-to-Jesus moment"!

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