Monday, May 10, 2010

Goggle Girl!

Had a great Mother's Day. One of my best friends and my daughter were both husbandless so we hung out together and my friend's dad made chicken and dumplings. Her dad is really about my age, it was nice. The kids went swimming. They made it look so easy. So GeGe jumps in....and froze her butt off. Holy hell, it was cold. The above picture makes me laugh every time. She asked me to help her put her goggles on....what was I thinking. We spent some time watching Modern Family. My friend had never seen it. I love that show. Too funny.
Saturday was spent cheering at the PeeWee football game. My Gson made a TD (of course). His mother about lost her mind she was so excited for him. She makes me laugh. After that we had to keep her busy so we took her shopping. In the meantime my SIL got the kids dressed up, did the girls hair and had pictures taken and framed. So cute. He took one where they are all sitting on a bench and the oldest is holding the picture of the ultrasound. Almost made cry. Of course I got a framed picture too. He is such a good kid. Such a good example to my son of the right way to treat your wife. My daughter is a lucky lady.
I weighed in over the weekend and I am back down to 186. From a high a 192 a few weeks ago. I will gladly take it. I am back to my 5 am walks. Saturday we start later and no walking on the Sabbath. My new buddy is so good for me. Makes me work hard. Then I rode the bike to work. It is suppose to be gusty here, so the ride home should be interesting. Food has been really good. Ate some chicken and dumplings, just one. Not over doing it. That's the important part.
Sounds like lots of you had as great a weekend as me, good for us. We deserve it!
Keep the mood and the food an example
P.S. Sorry if you get tired of all my Gkids pics. They are just so much cuter then me!


  1. LOVE the pic!

    I wonder sometimes if people get tired of me posting pics of my kiddo..then I decided I didn't care. If they don't like it then they don't have to look .:) Who doesn't love cute kid pics? Have a great week!

  2. I never get tired of the cute kid pics! The goggles are too funny...and how cool that you jumped in the pool! Sounds like it was just a wonderful weekend all around! Glad that you were given a picture of the grandkids as well - your SIL is a sweetie.

    Oh, and congrats on your weight dropping - woohoo!!!

  3. So glad you had a good Mothers' day weekend - me too. It just went too fast! Like lightning. Love that picture of the goggled kid! I can't wait for Grandkids - I'll probably be 90 before my kids settle down and give me some!!

  4. What a dollbaby! Adorable photo and I never tire of adorable kiddo pictures - especially when I know how happy they make you! Kudos for jumping in the pool. What wonderful memories you are making for these children!

  5. That picture put a smile on my face. So cute!

  6. You can never have too many Gkids pic's :)

  7. LOVE the goggle picture! PRICELESS :)

  8. awww she is so cute- my eye is hurting just looking at her with those on pressing on her eye balls! LOL :)

  9. Cute, cute, cute! I adore cute kid pics. Their personalities shine through! And like Roxie said - I know how happy they make you and that makes me smile, too.

    Congrats on the loss and for riding your bike to work! You go, girl!

    ps I don't know how you could have just one dumpling, lol!!

  10. Oh my goodness. Your daughter is too cute. I love this picture. haha

  11. I'm not half as cute as that, and I stick my face all over the place.
    I'm glad you are on a generally upward trend lately!

  12. lovelovelove the pics.
    but not good :)
    they make me wanna revert back to the mommyblogger I am at my core :)


  13. How could we ever get tired of the gkid pics? So glad you had such a nice Mother's Day! *hugs my friend*


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