Thursday, May 6, 2010

Going bald?

Man oh man! I just had to do another really quick post to move that morning picture further on down the line. Thanks for all the cute comments. I did pick the most "morning" one.

I don't have much to say today. Have been having crazy headaches over the past few days. They are killer and they usually wake me up at 1 am. Then I can't go back to sleep and I have to go to work. I am sure that is why I feel kind of foggy this week. I think they are hormonal. I just had a CT scan done. It showed all clear. I had to have the doctor call something in for me. At $20 a pill those suckers better work. They weren't even I have been headache free for 2 nights now, so I am grateful for that.

I have been noticing that my hair is falling out at an alarming rate. Lots more loose hair on my shoulders. Any tips to keep from going bald?? Besides buy a wig?

Food as been pretty good. Walking has been spotting this week. I missed cause of a headache and then I missed out again when my friend head to cut the walk short. It's ok. That's life. I am back to my 3.5 miler this morning and pushing the H20 like crazy.

Keep the mood and the food real.....the pic is of my Gkid.. Now there is a cute mug!
P.S. How funny that after I posted my morning some stupid spammer tells me the want my advise on dating....LMAO! Don't let anyone see you looking like me in the morning....DUH!


  1. Awww! She is simply darling! :)

    I am glad the CT showed nothing. Hopefully the medicine works. Dang $20 a pill seems expensive for something non-narcotic.

    I tend to lose a lot of hair when i'm stressed out. Are you under any stress right now? Hormonal changes can also lead to hair loss. I don't have much of a solution except, try to take it easy on your hair routine and give pony tails a break for a spell.

    I hope you feel better soon!


  2. Glad the CT scan was clear! That's the most important thing. Now as for the hair loss, like Kellie said, when I'm stressed, my hair falls out. Or perhaps I get more stressed when I notice that I'm shedding excessively. I went through a phase of it last fall, but it seems to have stopped. For now, at least.

    I do hope you continue to get some relief from your headaches. That has got to be scary.

  3. She's cute!!

    My hair fell out a whole bunch when my hormones got out of whack after having my daughter and when I quit breastfeeding. They did it again when I was losing weight.

    Stress and weight loss could be your culprit!

  4. Sorry about your headaches...I think a $20 pill would give me another headache, along with curing the first one! Hope they figure out what is causing them...glad you had a CT and it was clear!

    I've had a lot of hair loss since I lost weight - it's growing back in, but I swear it's also still falling out. Go figure.

  5. I would mention it to the doctor - may seem unrelated but you never know.

  6. Yeah I would mention to the doctor about the hair loss. Also take a look at your intake of good fats...if it is low it could be causing the issues. Lack of good fats in your diet can cause loss of hair in some people.

  7. I think its worth talking to your doctor about.

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  9. She is a cutie-pie! And you are too funny about posting just to put up a different picture!

    Have you had your thyroid checked lately? I lost a lot of hair when my thyroid stopped working. Fatigue, dry skin, hair loss, weight gain, and headaches go hand in hand with a pooped out thyroid. Do you have any food allergies? It could also be from that. Hope you get some relief before you go broke with those expensive pills!

  10. Yes get your thyroid checked NOW! xx

  11. I'm glad that tests came out clear, very scary. A few years ago, my hair was falling out or shedding quite a bit, my doctor thought that I was just going through a tremendous amount of stress. Cute grandkid!

  12. so many thoughts from thyroid to food to stress to just a phase where youre shedding more and it will NOT show up on your head.

    What did you decide to look into?

  13. If the health stuff is all clear, use Nioxin shampoo, conditioner, and treatment stuff. It's worked wonders for a girlfriend of mine!

  14. No idea about the hair loss but i hope that headache is gone quickly!


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