Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The kids found out that they are having a boy! So exciting. She thought for sure it was a girl. I always knew it was a boy. She now has to worry about hemophilia. Her dad has it and she is a carrier. Luckily it is the mildest form. Still, he'll have to be extra careful throughout his life. The name they have picked out is Zander. It is growing on me.

Took the 3 youngest Gkids to the bird park today while their mom and dad where in the Dr office. For some reason it was just too much fun today. The weather is perfect today. Not too hot and breezy. The girls are freaks for the quack quacks". They get all excited and call them over to them like they call their dog....here quack quack...too funny.

As the kids say....I hurt my "buttocks". It's their new fave word. It makes them giggle and it makes me giggle when they say it..........yes I have the sense of humor of a 12 year boy. My walks are kicking my buttocks into shape. Man, it's sore! My hips too. I will press forward, however. I would die without my 5 am walks! Love them. I also rode the bike to work.

Book club tonight. We are actually watching a movie. It should be fun!

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday......keep the mood and the food real.


  1. Awwwwww a little baby boy!!! Sweet you took the kids to the park and sweeter that they loved the "quack quacks" me too!!! You sound really happy *smile*.

  2. I, too, love the "quack quacks". There is quite a lovely pond full at the park near my home.

    It's a boy, huh? How fun!

    Take good care, my dear.

  3. I totally understand the walking thing :)
    Congratulations on confirming it's a boy!

  4. Lovely! You are awesome to keep treking each AM after AM.

  5. Congratulations - a boy!!! How exciting! Hope everything goes well with the pregnancy and he turns out healthy and hearty!

    "I hurt my buttocks" - reminds me of Forrest Gump! You have such an awesome relationship with your grandkids - I love how much you joke with them!

  6. Is this Tuesday?
    I lost track of time.
    It sure does fly.

  7. We-had-a-baby-it's-a-boy!
    Remember that old commercial - from way back!
    That's what I meant to say the first time.

  8. I love those morning walks too. We've had rain the last 2 days, but hopefully I'll be back out tomorrow!

    Congrats on the new GS in process. Love the name Zander. Boys rock!

    When I was in nursing school, we used to pronounce buttocks "Byoo-tocks", just to be funny. We thought we were hysterical.

  9. A book club watching a movie? Tsk tsk. : )

    And 5am walks would KILL me!

  10. Congrats on the news of the GRANDSON!

    So you have sore buttocks??????? That's only slightly better than Baz-zooms. (how do you spell that one?) Makes me giggle each time someone refers to the girls as Baz-zooms!

  11. Wait, is it Zander with a Z or Xander with an X? I love Xander with an X. Just 'cause it's from my most favorite TV show. Haha.


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