Thursday, May 20, 2010

Modern Family

I have raved about this show before, but last night's episode was just too cute. Life isn't perfect, it's not meant to be perfect. Laughed my butt off....oh, if only this was true. If you get a chance you should check it out.

Things are good. No further headaches. Kicking out some awesome walks with my buddies every morning. Eating well. I am having the kids over to dinner tonight, along with my son's GF. I think she is the one. He told me this morning he wants to ask her to marry him. They have talked about it. I am happy for him. I like her.
I love the above picture. My daughter got a new camera and has been taking pics galore. They all look like they just got busted. The little one with the hair reminds me of the Breck was a shampoo commercial about a 100 years ago.
I feel like I have a Modern Family. We are hysterically funny ( just ask us )and blunt at times.......but we love each other fiercely. We are not your typical family that's for sure. That is SO OK by me. I wouldn't have it any other way!
Keep the mood and the food grateful for your family.


  1. Pebbles' aunt (her dad's older sister) was one of the Breck models.

    So glad you are feeling better! Your Gbabies are darling....

  2. The photo is adorable! Glad you're feeling like yourself again.

  3. I remember the Breck girl!

    I don't watch the Modern Family much but I did catch it last night. It was a riot!

    Your Gkids are so friggin cute and you are right. They look like they are into mischief.

  4. I love Modern Family. Will be watching the new episode tonight! That picture is really cute.

  5. They totally look busted - great picture!!!

    Glad you are feeling good! Oh, and I LOVE Modern Family (plus The Middle (the middle) and yes, Cougar Town). Last night's eppy was howlingly funny!

  6. Love is all that matters, anyways!

  7. ah ha!
    now I get why I heart your blog so.
    We are a Modern Family here as well.


  8. Definitely a modern family here :) They make me who i am!!

  9. Awesome photo! I also remember the Breck girl! Sooooo long ago. ;-) Haven't watched MF, but we definitely have our sitcom situations here. A young lady we met in Texas told my husband that she wished she had a mother/daughter relationship like she saw between my daughter and I. It's easy to forget that others aren't as blessed as I am. Had a great mom and have an amazing daughter.

  10. Typical families are be blessed that yours is not!

    Thanks for checking up on me. I've been sick this week and have spent the last few days literally sleeping life away.

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