Monday, May 24, 2010

Note to Self

Notes to self. Do not freak out. So the auditors came 2 days early, you are ready for them. You made up for a mistake you made at work ( and blew way out of proportion ) already. You don't need to be eating over it still. It was never a good excuse to over do it anyway. Put the tootsie roll down, and step away from the tootsie. Work will be super busy for the next few days.

Real quick.....I had a great weekend. The weather was wonderful and I spent alot of time with friends too. Did some cleaning and got the rest of my financial stuff ready to go. All in all it was a productive weekend. I realized Saturday that I had made what I thought was a huge mistake at work. I stressed over it too much. Wasted alot of energy on it. I feel exhausted over it this morning now that I have told my bosses and everything is fine. Why do I do that to myself??

Keep the mood and the food real.......


  1. Put down the Tootsie roll and think about all the things that you don't have to be fearful about. Think about all the great tolls you have at your disposal now. Your arsenal is full, my friend. You no longer need that Tootsie roll - women who are prepared for auditors TWO DAYS EARLY don't need no stinkin' Tootsie Rolls!

    Seriously, you are doing great. Just take a few deep breaths and get rid of the bit of leftover anxiety. You've got this one in the bag!

    Hugs to you...

  2. Stress always wears me out! So often things we think are the worse case scenario quite often work out o.k. I'm getting better at not getting stressed but i definitely have a ways to go yet.
    Take a few minutes for you during this busy time!

  3. step away from the tootsie roll....actually a tootsie roll is not such a bad treat once in a while. If you can eat just one! lol

  4. Fight the crazy crazy brain!
    It's just an ILLusion but it wants to eat you alive!
    Look right at it for what it is.....
    and it will go away when you tell on it!

    *all your words!*

  5. sorry you had to go through all that stress. But it sounds like you made it through and you're ok. Hope today is better for ya. *hugs*

  6. Hey Dana - hope your week is going well...I just got back into town and am catching up. Thinking of you...:)

  7. Anyone with the name F. McButter Pants I just gotta read lol. Our best thinking always gets us in doodoo...I stress over being stressed about being stressed. Poo!


  8. You're not alone in doing that!! I'm used to worry a lot more about things and beat myself up and most of the time it all ended up fine so I gradually learned to stop doing it and just wait until things REALLY DID fall apart to worry.

    But as for eating when I shouldn't ... well, that is an ongoing problem.

  9. Things will be better... but I can certainly understand why you are stressed out. You are ready for this.



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