Friday, May 7, 2010

Read All About It!

This is the ever lovable Mr Sunglass Avenger! This is the same kid that puts up invisible force fields when cornered. He is just too much fun. Love that kid! He is #2 Gson.

Not much to say again today. I did want to recommend a book I have been reading. It's called Son of Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef. Excellent read. This is a true story. Really helps you understand what is going on in the West Bank and Israel. He is now a Christian and worked with the Israel to help end the violence. He is the son of the man that started Hamas. SO INTERESTING! I am loving it. Since I haven't had a car I am not reading as much. I listen to books on CD in my car. It's been a while since I have really loved a book like this.

My walking buddy damn near killed me this morning. My ass hurts but in a good way. Food has been less then stellar, but I am doing ok. Thanks for all the advise about my hair. I am under some stress, but I think it's probably due to "The Change". I wish I would hurry up and change...into what I don't

No big weekend plans. The last PeeWee football game is tomorrow. Then church and Mother's Day on Sunday. Don't think the kids have anything planned. Probably just have a nice dinner. I am having the kids pictures taken for my daughter for her Mom's Day gift. She is excited.

Keep the mood and the food all about it!


  1. Look at that pose! What a cutie!!!

    I'm happy to hear that your ass is NOT hurting in a bad way. Because THAT would raise a lot of questions!

    Have a great weekend, Dana!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day! Gson is adorable! Full of spunk and vinegar, that one.

    Have a great day. I'm still having trouble reading - my attention span is far too short. I think it's due to the web. Maybe I need to switch to lighter, but longer fare.

  3. Invisible force field - I love it!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day - glad you got your walk on this morning!

  4. He is a CUTIE! :)

    you are so sweet- I did post that pic of myself in the Laker tee on my blog- got a lot of comments :) I was having a good feelin day! lol :)

  5. My son used to strike that very same pose - Ninja Turtle style, lol. He's so cute.

    I wish I had a buddy like yours! Someone to drag me down the street when I don't wanna.

    I wish I would hurry up and change to!

  6. oops. I meant change, too, heh.

  7. I put up a force-field when cornered, too.
    But mine is visible.
    It's call "fat."

  8. WOW.... my little boy also uses a force field... not in the same way, but he uses one!!


  9. Grandson number two looks as if he could keep you hoping just trying to keep up with him!


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