Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are You a Character?

This beautiful woman is my friend Ms. Paris. She is 87 years old. She attends Silver Sneakers (old people's fitness class) 4 times a week. She drives her own car. Still hits up Goodwill every half price Saturday and ALWAYS wears a different hat to church. EVERY WEEK. Last week it was a gold hat with a bow as big as her head. At the age of 50 she went back to school and got a PhD in Psychology. She then went to work on the Big Island of Hawaii and was the island's 1st school psychologist. She raised 6 children and has been married 5 times. Once to a man 30 years younger then her. She brought him back from Hawaii. I love to hear her stories ( she has lots ). They are mostly about the men in her life. She said that the younger women would ask her how she was getting all the younger men. She told them "I've been a girl a long time, pay attention, you might learn something". If she can go back to school at 50....what's stopping me?? She is a brave woman. She's a character. I love characters. I am one! I am not having a stellar eating start to my week. I have been extra hungry and munchie. UGH! This too shall pass. I really need to go food shopping. When I feel like this I almost don't want to have any food in the house. except just what I am going to eat that night. I am pushing the H20. My walks have been less then 3 miles for the past 2 days, i have an injured buddy, so she can't walk to far. My knee and hips could use alittle rest as well.

Going to a buffet at a pizza place for a friend's kids Bday party. I think I will eat before I go. The Gkids will be there too. I am extra tired the past few days as well. I am going to listen to my body. Sleep is always a good thing. Since I don't sleep in, my "sleeping in" is going to bed early. Really early! Cuts down on the night time eating too.

Keep the mood and the food real...........Do you consider yourself a character?? Why??


  1. Uh-hmmm. I belong to Silver Sneakers. :O

    Just sign me,

    One of them old people,


  2. She has character written all over her. I bet she does have stories!

    I'm deliberately working on being "less" of a character, I think. I'm not really sure how it's going :-)

  3. I have tried to tone down my "character."
    I think I've ended up being a caricature of my former self.
    But an authentic character is someone to enjoy!

  4. she sounds so awesome ,truly a special person

  5. wow what a lady! i want a great life too. with plenty of stories. unfortunately i am quiet and shy and not a character. damn.

    love the hat.

    yes. listen to your body missus.

  6. I love this and, in a way, have to disagree with wildfluffysheep above me!

    as a write I think that so many times it IS the more quiet types in my daytoday lives who are more than characters than the wild and outrageous.


  7. What a cool lady!
    I like to think I'm a bit of a character...and I hang out with some definite characters!
    Good luck with your munchies :)

  8. Sounds like she is doing what I want to do... go down swinging.

    Funny... I was talking to a friend of mine just tonight. He told me that his dad is still playing tennis (at age 81). HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

    She does look like a character!



  9. I'm not sure if I'm a character or a force to contend with. The first would be preferable to the second! Trying to tone some of myself down!!

    Did you send me your address for your bag?

  10. What fun to know Ms. Paris! She reminds me of my Grandmother. :)

    No, I'm not a character - too shy to be one. But I do appreciate being around them!

  11. I smiled big reading this because though maybe in my mind I feel like a character I don't think I am. I seem to love surrounding myself with characters and very outgoing people though. I love hearing people tell stories too. I would love hanging out with you and Ms. Paris *big grin*.


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