Saturday, June 12, 2010

Be honest, but not brutal

I am so stinkin bored. I have things I could be doing, but alas, I am feeling quite lazy. I walked this morning at 5 am, but one of my walking buddies didn't have a sitter for her kids, as her hubs is out of town. So we only walked 30 mins. Wished it would have been longer. Then I came home and went back to bed. Not really a good idea, now I feel tired. Like when you get too much sleep. Anyway. I don't have a car today so I am hanging out at home. I am going to do some organizing and I think that I might go swimming. Some how I have lost my suit bottoms. I am hoping that a friend might bring my bottoms and her kids and then I can go. I surely can't go without bottoms. I am saying bottoms too much............moving on.

I am doing good food wise today. Not really snacky. Keeping busy. It's not suppose to get up 100 today. I might ride the bike to the thrift store later and browse around. Have been watching hulu catching up on Glee. Love that show.

It seems kind of weird to be all alone. I am feeling a little nervous for some reason. I haven't had a do nothing day for a while. So I guess I better get doing something. I have been inspired by Shelly's Fashion Friday and thought I would post an outfit I wore a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was cute, but looking at the pic, it looks too busy. It is a Kick Ass Kohl's dress. Shelly and Miss Low Fat Dressing know what I'm talking about. $10 bucks for that dress! Say hello to a good buy!

What do you think. Please be honest, but not brutal. Brutally honest sucks.

Keep the mood and the food real..............


  1. I love the outfit! You look very cute! :)

    PS I am the worst shopper ever, and I wear mostly jeans or shorts/tee shirts/ & flip flops. lol

  2. I laughed several times OL to this post! Bottoms indeed. There may have been a time I'd have thought it clever to not wear my bottoms! Not really, but made me laugh.

    I think the dress is great. Maybe not with the sweater? Or did that go with it? It's really cute, and you have a lovely smile for the camera. No wonder - a $10 dress. F-ing A!

  3. That's kind of what I thought Leslie....I have worn a black sweater...maybe that will be better. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Hmmm. the dress. The dress is good, it's the accessories that makes it look busy.

    I'd lose the sweater. If it needs a cover-up, choose black or white. I go with black if you are wear the black tights.

    And thin-strapped sandals (same color as cover-up) would finish the outfit up :) with a sleeker look. Hahaha. You did ask, right?


  5. I think it's a pretty good outfit, it's stylish but it doesn't look like you're trying to look too young either. One thing that I think would have made it better is maybe if you had lost the sweater. It sounds like it's been really hot there anyway, so I think it would have looked a little better without that. Also, maybe go with some sandals next time instead of the close-toed'll give it a much more summery look and go with the dress better.

  6. Love the dress!

    I've been around, sort of. My hours at work have kicked into high gear, and when I'm not working, I've been home in a blech. It's been an emotional ride. Two deaths in the family in two months, and a whole schwakload of other stress.

    I'm trying to push myself to get back into blogging again! I even bought a new workout DVD I'm very anxious to try, the DWTS Cardio. Thanks for your concern hon!

  7. Hell's yes to the Kick Ass Kohl's Dress!!!

    OK - I think the sweater is just too long, maybe? Is it a boyfriend sweater? Maybe a traditional cardigan would work better. If you are like me, you need the sweater indoors even though it's a million degrees outside - as Kristen puts it, I work in a meat locker.

    I think I would lose the tights and just go bare-legged. The black might be weighing down the lighter color of the dress? (I'm not very good at this). And some sort of sandal - my shoes kept bugging me in my FF pics and I finally went out and bought several pairs yesterday. There are some good deals at Macy's - I got one pair for $10!

    Glad you are doing this - you look so fresh and I think it's fun to see what we all are wearing!

  8. You are a hottie in a awesome dress.
    If I may say so.

  9. I think you'd look good in anything :) You are what makes the clothes look cute!!

  10. Look at you posting Kickass Kohls dresses! Love it.

    For cooler weather, I think the sweater and the leggings are just right, but I am with Shelley, a lighter shoe like a sandal or a lighter color shoe would be better. The loafer-style you are wearing are better suited for pants than dresses/skirts, I think.

    I love the pattern and the energy of it myself, but if it feels like too much for you, you can try with with a darker sweater than maybe you button up more so the pattern only peeks out at the top and as a skirt. I think you will be able to wear this in a variety of ways, and they will all work. Keep experimenting!

  11. Ooh, I like Kristen's idea of buttoning up a dark cardigan! She's good at this!

  12. I LOOOOOOOOVE the look of leggings under dresses.
    I guess id go black with the cardigan but Im too blackdrab in my clothes choices.
    I wonder if a SPLASH OF COLOR is better!
    ooh black cardigan and splash of color shoes??

  13. I'm always late to the party lol. Looking great and looks like feeling great too!!!


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