Wednesday, June 2, 2010

better is a victory

Well it's 6 pm and I am not over full or asleep. It's a red letter day. I was down on the the scale this morning. I am still full from lunch so I am just going to eat light tonight, if at all. I have done much better with food over the past 2 days. Got a 4 miler in this morning. No bike. Drank H2o but could have done better. But like Miz said better is a victory.

I really thought about that all day. Not just in the weight loss sense but in all areas of my life. I have really been trying to practice simply doing the next right thing. I have to remember that it's usually a small thing. I had a good morning with the therapist. This was the 1st week I felt like it was worth it. So that's something.

My son is home tonight and sad. I don't know what happened, but it has something to do with the GF. He kind of talked to me about it. He really has it bad for this girl. We'll see what happens.

Hope everyone else had a good day...........keep the mood and the food real.


  1. Sometimes just showing up is a major victory!

  2. I like that, "better is a victory". I want to remember that one.

  3. I like that phrase - and also doing the next right thing...and you are correct, it's usually something small.

    Ugh to your son's sadness. Nothing kills me more than seeing my kids upset. Hope things are ok with him and his girlfriend.

  4. Better is excellent, esp. when it's been hard to acquire. Glad things are beginning to shift a bit.

  5. Better is spectacular! Glad you felt good about your therapist appointment. And sad that your boy is sad. It' always hurts us when they hurt.

  6. Hi Dana,

    Just catching up, got a question for you.
    What is your definition of CUTE?;)
    you had me laughing so with your question.

    I also like that quote "doing the next right thing" That one is a keeper.

    Sending love and hugs


  7. youve no idea how your email to me made my day BETTER as well.

    a victory I needed.

    xo xo

  8. I love red letter days on the scales!!!

  9. Of course the title is correct that better is victory now you are getting better by reducing weight.


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