Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bird Park Pics

Here are the pics that I took yesterday with the girls at the Bird Park. I started out chasing them. I don't know any kid that doesn't like being chased.
Walking on the wall.

I wish they both would have looked at the camera at the same time, but it was not to be.
Those ducks are sure trained. As soon as they see humans on the bridge they swarm around. Those girls love the Quack Quacks.

I caught her!
I am having a better day. I decided to return the van. I can still drive it during the day. Someone anonymous commented that I know that SHE doesn't make me crazy. I allow it to upset me. It's true. I walked 4.5 miles and rode the bike to work. It was 90 degrees at 5 am with a dew point of 49%. WET! It felt good this morning to wave at everyone while riding my bike to work. With a smile on my face! I loved Roxie's 1st post today about loving her legs. I get more compliments on my legs now then ever before. I love how powerful they are. Like her, I am saying....WHO KNEW??
Keep the mood and the food.............


  1. Adorable ggirls! Adorable gams, Grandma! Yay for great legs...

    I'm glad you are getting some peace over the van situation.

  2. Tag - you're it!
    Quack Quacks!

  3. Your grandgirls are so cute and look like they just love life!

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  5. Beautiful pictures! What gorgeous little kidlets.

  6. SO CUTE! Love them running in their little sundresses.


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