Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good Things to Come

I got some disappointing news yesterday. My friend that said she would help me get a car now says she won't. I took the news well. This is what happens sometimes. My feelings were hurt more than anything. I thought they loved me and I felt like I was a member of their family. I guess I was wrong. Riding in the summer heat is nothing compared to having your heart broke. I have cried and cried over this. However, I have not eaten over this. I have decided to put a positive spin on it. I will survive. I will do something totally new to me. I will save money for a car. Go figure. It will be a good lesson. Now mine you, I will probably bitch and moan. And yes, you will probably be the ones that I bitch and moan to. Spoiler Alert for the next year. I just can't see paying the kind of interest I would have to pay.

As a gift, a Loving Heavenly Father prompted me to this video this morning. I will not quit! I will not give up! I know that there is help and happiness ahead! I know there are Good Things to Come.

Keep the mood and the food real......if you look you will see those good times.


  1. Dana, I am so sorry that this fell through. I wouldn't equate it to not being loved, however. People have their own reasons for doing things and most of them aren't personal. I'm not trying to minimize what you are feeling - it must just suck - but feel bad about the car, not yourself, okay?

    Not eating over this is huge! Way to be strong. Together we will continue to think good thoughts on the whole car situation.

    Big hugs to you, Dana. I am so sorry you are going through this. Not paying heavy interest is a good thing, though tough right now.

  2. That sucks!!! But as Roxie says just be upset about the car, maybe they had reasons they couldn't do it??
    You'll be on top of the world when you own one after saving for it. In fact i may just have to come for a ride :)

  3. I went for a walk and came up with the same conclusion Roxie did. I am taking this too personally. I had great things that happened yesterday too. I will focus on that. I really let my feelings control me.

    Feeling better.

  4. That sucks. However, I agree that there may be reasons that they couldn't that were too embarrassing to share.

    Sorry! :)

  5. Sorry to hear that the car thing! But I would not take it personally - I am glad that you didn't eat your feelings - great job on that front!

  6. That sucks, Dana, and it's hard not to take it personally...but you never know what they are dealing with. I really hope a car drops in your lap soon - in the meantime, whine away - you are certainly entitled with the heat you have to deal with on your biking everywhere!

    Nice, nice job not eating over this. I do declare that you've turned a corner in this whole "food" thing! :)

  7. Way to go not diving into food for comfort. You are right Dana. There are Good things to come :)

  8. I can't add one thing to what's already been said. Just ditto. And bitch and moan whenever you need to.

  9. YES THERE ARE good things to come. Thanks for moaning. It's good for us to hear and to help. :)

  10. aww Im sorry my friend. I know when a friend promises something to me I expect it and it's hard when it does not happen. :( Chin up, good things to come is right! :)

  11. Yes, I agree with Roxie. It's not about them not loving you. You have always said that you feel part of the family so you must know that they feel that way too. They must have their reasons. (((HUGS)))

    Pats on the back, Dana, for not taking it out on food!
    Stuff always sorts itself out. Sometimes (well alot, really) not in the timeframe we want it to.

    Hang in there, Poopsie! ♡

  12. Bitch and moan away. I love a good whiner. You can join my club. Weighty Whiners!

    way to go on the none binging. you will get a car somehow. <3


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