Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Happy Couple and Birds

Birds birds birds. While on our 4 miler this morning we saw a hummingbird. We've seen this same ( i think it's the same ) bird the past 4 mornings. Right in the same spot. Kind of cool. This morning after we saw the hummingbird, I was chatting away and a woodpecker pecked just at the right moment to give my words added emphasis. Like he was saying "here, here!" "I agree". It was funny. Then while on my way to work I had to wait for a peacock to cross the street. Kind of cool again.....either that or I need to get a life. Sometimes I think I am too boring. Oh well. I will take boring. I lived enough chaos.

Life for my little family keeps getting better and better. My son popped the question to his GF at Disneyland and so it's official.......facebook official. Everyone one at the school knew. It was cute. They posted a pic with their matching Mickey t-shirts. You know, I am not even a little sad anymore. I was at 1st, but she is a great girl. He is so happy. It was ok to be a little sad. Mostly sad about change. I don't do well with change. This is a good thing for both of them. And for me too. Forces me to shake things up. Life marches on......with or without you. I have to remember that.

Been eating better. The scale was down almost 7 lbs since last week. I have tried to stay away from the scales everyday. It worked. The numbers can mess with my head. I am feeling positive about how I am treating myself. That's what's most important.

My friend did got to detox after all. I talked to her yesterday and she sounded ok. I only had her girls for a couple of days. Then her hubs took them. He works 18 hours weekends. Asked her if she wanted to go to a meeting, she said no. So I went without her. I have dealt with enough addicts to know when to back off. I can't start thinking I have any power to get or keep them clean. Hell I am doing my best to keep me clean. Some days it's no easy job. The best I can do is be an example. I have been doing pretty good with my 90 in 90. Not perfect there either, but alot better. It's just like anything, it has to become a habit again. It will.

Still looking for a car. I have had my friend's daughter's car while she has been in Europe. I will give that back today. Something good will come along. I just know it. It's suppose to be 105 today. I will survive. I can do hard things. Besides, I have lots of people willing to help me out with rides till that car comes along.

Work is insanely busy lately so I best get to work. You would think summer would be slower for a school. You'd be wrong. Oh well. Makes the day go by fast and I don't have time to think about food. another reason the scale is down.
Keep the mood and the food real......march along with life!


  1. Congratulations on the impending nuptials! They are really a cute couple and look very happy together.

    I'm with you on resisting/hating change. Even good change is something to contend with, and while change is inevitable, I usually go kicking and screaming.

    Congratulations on losing 7 pounds! That's amazing and I'm totally jealous. Perhaps if I whack off an arm I could do it too.

    Good for you doing a 90 in 90. Big committment, but it'll help get the head in a better state than anything else I can think of. I go almost everyday just because I love it. But I used to go, what else...kicking and screaming!

  2. Congrats to your son! :)

    7 POUNDS!!! WHAT!! YOU GO GIRL! :)

  3. Facebook official - how funny is that!

    Congratulations, Dana. I am still sending out good car(ma) thoughts for you on a daily basis.

    Hugs, my friend. Keep taking good care of yourself.

  4. I like the hummingbird story.
    One visits me almost every time I wear my "shocking" pink scrubs.
    Stay well!

  5. Congratulations to your son! And, girl, how do you lose 7 lbs in a week?!? What IS your secret??? Even my first week it was only maybe 4. Now I'm only losing 1 lb a week, approx. You have to tell me your secret!

    Love, Grace

  6. Congratulations to your son - I hope they will be very happy! Love "facebook official" - such a generational thing!

    And stopping to let a peacock cross the street? Sounds like you live on the grounds of some fancy-schmancy estate - or do peacocks just roam around Arizona like pigeons do in New York? lol

    Nice job not letting the scale own you and yet celebrating the 7 pounds lost - that is fantastic!

  7. I love birds of all kinds! I think that is very cool.

  8. Such cute kids. Happiness radiates from them.

    I saw a huge eagle sitting on a pole this weekend...I thought he was scoping out our little dogs as a possible meal. But what a beautiful creature.

    P.S. I don't find you boring at all.

  9. LOVE the photo and for some reason I adore the, well, love that emanates from young couples in general.
    the hope joy love and faith.
    it renews my own in a way.


  10. wow. I want to see a hummingbird. and have a woodpecker reinforce my words!

    I am avoiding daily trips to the scale too. *high fives*

    congratulations on gaining new family, missus. sometimes you just have to embrace change.

    p.s you are anything but boring.


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