Friday, June 18, 2010

hello weekend!

Good Friday morning. Hello weekend. My son his loaning me this car this weekend. Nice kid. We are going to the Meet The Parents dinner tonight. My daughter and Gkids came over and went swimming last night. Lots of fun. You can not stay in a bad mood for long with my youngest Gdaughter (pictured above) around. EVERYTHING excites her. We came home and had turkey BLTs for dinner. I t was a nice way to end the day. Then we watched the playoff game and my youngest Gson out of the blue yelled.....Lakers play like a girl. I found that hysterical. Anyway, they showed him who plays like a girl. It was a good game. Congrats to all you Laker Fans...(TJ)

I had a pretty emotional day yesterday. I am really milking this resentment. I try to leave it alone. When I "notice" that I am thinking crazy again I think of something else. It's ongoing. Plus other things are happening and well, it's kind of like dumping salt into my wound. Again, I am sure I am magnifying those feelings because I am feeling resentful. I asked for an extra blessing this morning to help with this crazy negative energy. I am having a hard time leaving alone. I will have to be vigilant in monitoring my thoughts. I have to be grateful for what I have. Not in material things, but in the things that really matter.

Rode the bike home yesterday. It wasn't too bad at 3pm. I will make it I am sure. Really, was there ever any doubt...haha. I don't have plans for tomorrow. Will need to get some. A long walk for sure. I have had to cut my walks short the past couple of days. My knee has been bothering me alittle and my buddy has been having foot and leg pain. Those 5 milers 2 days in a row must have been alittle too much. Anyway, I want to get a really good walk in tomorrow. Bike ride Sunday morning. It was a cool 80 degrees riding in this morning. It was nice.

I forgot to take a pic of the denim dress. UGH! I really wanted to get some input. Maybe tomorrow. Best get moving. I am taking my lunch early to watch the Gkids at Mcdonald's playground while my daughter goes to her Dr. appointment. At least my job allows me to do stuff like that. And as Martha Stewart would say " that's a good thing".

Keep the mood and the food real.......remember you magnify what you focus on.


  1. I absolutely agree about manifesting what you focus on. You've got this under control - you know that dwelling is a lot of just habit and you are rewiring your brain not to dwell on the resentments. Your gbabies are such dolls!

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Your granddaughter is absolutely ADORABLE. Hang in there on working on the resentment (something I'm doing too).

  3. Cute gbaby girl! Yea, it's true you magnify what you focus on. Here's to letting go to those resentments!

  4. Have a Great Weekend,your granddaughter is gorgeous. They do do us the world of good don't they:)



  5. It's rough when you go through an emotional time, as it sounds like you are in the midst of right now. Glad you are trying to focus on the blessings in your helps to turn your attitude around.

    Now show us the denim dress, woman! :)

  6. What a cute granddaughter. All your g-kids are so beautiful.

    Keep doing what you are doing...focusing on the positive things in your life. Something good will happen in the car department when you least expect it.

    I want to see the denim dress!


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