Tuesday, June 1, 2010

here's the 411

Here's the 411. I am feeling better. I walked 3.7 miles this morning plus rode the bike to work. That is the one thing that I have not stopped doing, and that's my morning walk. At least 3 miles everyday. No excuses. Pardon me while I break my arm to pat my own back.

I am up on the scales again this morning. It's ok. This too shall pass. I am having a hard time. Everything everyone said yesterday made a lot of sense. I know that I am using food. Believe me, I know. I do have a lot going on. Sometimes I just feel like I should be Super Woman. That I shouldn't feel things so much. I feel things deeply. I think that's the reason I started using drugs. I must remember they are just feeling. They won't kill me. Yes, they are uncomfortable. Yes, I am allowed to bitch and moan if I want. Yes, it's just temporary.

Eating was better yesterday, but not perfect. I drank a lot of water and the bags under my eyes weren't so bad this morning. I brought watermelon and an apple to work.....no Jr Mints. This is my new treat. Frozen Jr. Mints. Get a grip Dana! Guess what? If you don't buy the crap it doesn't go into your mouth. So simple...right??

Robin Hood was good. I love Cate Blanchet. Love her! I plan on working and then going swimming this afternoon when I get home. Finally finished that stupid 4.5 hours online traffic school. UGH! Only cost me $200. Ugh again. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday...........

Keep the mood and the food real


  1. So glad that you are feeling better. Yep, I keep having to learn that feelings aren't emergencies.

    And you should pat yourself on the back. Getting exercise every day is a great way to practice good self-care. Don't let the bump up on the scale worry you. You know how to fix it - it's not an emergency either. Just ease back into what you know works by doing the next right thing (which just might be leaving the candy at the store ;-) )

    And you are absolutely allowed to bitch and moan (not that you ever really do). As you know, you can either talk it out or act it out. Talking is the better option.

    Have a great Tuesday, Dana.

  2. You walk over 3 miles a day and ride your bike to work? You oughta pat yourself on the back some more.

  3. Cheering for you with all of your exercise!!! GREAT JOB MY FRIEND! :) Eats were hard for me over the weekend too- but I woke up telling myself that TODAY is a NEW DAY! ( new week for me too!)

  4. I think that is awesome--3 miles a day plus bike riding!

  5. Exercise every day deserves a parade. REally. Emotions are so tough. I have a hard time coping. I think you should be marshal of the parade, that you do not have to organize.

  6. So glad you're feeling better. And how brilliant is Roxie's saying "I have to learn feelings aren't emergencies"!? Good grief - I was totally under water emotionally this weekend and ate my weight in crap.

    Your daily exercise is great! I'm starting to build a morning walk back in before my 7 am aa meeting - just 30 minutes. It loosens the cobwebs! Hang in Dana. Everything shifts and changes.

  7. I love how you have made exercise just a part of your life - I wish I could make transportation part of my exercise like you do. Pat yourself on the back all you want - you deserve it!

    Frozen Jr. Mints you say? Sounds tasty!

  8. and BETTER is a victory and PERFECT is an illusion.

    xo xo


  9. Coming out of lurker mode to pat you on your back...and i'm glad that you are feeling better!


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