Monday, June 28, 2010

I can't please everyone, can I??

Ok, time to post something. Anything. I had a horrible weekend. My crazy boss lady ( not the boss that let me borrow the van ) made me feel like a piece of crap again Saturday. Nothing like going in on your day off and get lectured. I am really having a hard with her. Now she tells me she doesn't want to feel guilty cause she backed out of helping me. She asked that I not do nice things for her. REALLY?? If she wants something done she will pay me. She was very upset that her son ( my other boss ) insisted that I use the business van. Oh.My.Hell.

I am keeping the van. It's going to be 110 out there. Her and her son can fight it out. Anyway, I cannot figure out why she is treating me like this. It's like she "wants" me to ride my bike in 110. Like I must be made to suffer. Not sure why. Though I have a feeling she is not going to give me a "handout". She is convinced that I am the poster girl for the Left. Not sure why that is either. I am just not as Conservative as she is. She ALWAYS is talking Tea Party stuff. ALWAYS! I think she is upset that she can't "convert" me. It sounds crazy, but seriously, I can not think of another reason.

I am beginning to think that this job is not good for me. I know jobs are scarce. I make more then I am probably worth, cause I have been here a while. So I stick around. I put up and shut up. It was working, but now it is just stressing me out. I need to lay low, but have an exit plan. She also wanted to make it clear that she had the money to help me, but decided not to help. OK?? REALLY AGAIN?? See stressed out. Why would you treat some body like that. I have been nothing but sweet to her. Trying to be as helpful as possible. I can't control her, but I must figure out a way to deal with her. Cause she ain't gonna change. Either that or I need to find another job. Let the hunt begin.

So I showed her. I ate my way through the weekend. UGH! So stupid. I am up as high as I have been in a while. Time to get it under control. I walked 4.2 miles this morning and went good food shopping. Filled up all my H2o jugs and ready to drink up! I will not let my emotions run me. I am in control of ME!!

I had a very emotional week last week anyway. Feeling extra nervous and vulnerable. I am sure it is all hormone driven. That doesn't make it any less painful. This morning I feel better. So I am going to squeeze every last bit of better out of it!!

That's it for now. I am excited to check my mail for my bag I won from Leslie. Roxie's is adorable. I really need something to look forward to. Another good thing is I am taking a trip this weekend. Going to Small Town USA for the 4th. Looking forward to that too.

Keep the mood and the food real......


  1. Doh!!! Yours is one of 2 bags I haven't yet mailed, but will do so today. I have a vision of you going out to your mailbox and then hanging your head in disappointment as you trudge pathetically back inside!

    Your boss lady sounds like she has issues of the crazy making kind. Toxic people are so annoying to have to deal with. I know what you mean about staying at the job because it pays well, and it's a job. Mine is similar - I love many things about it, but one department here is awful. Anyhoo, the bag will be in the mail by 5 today.

  2. Just wanted to say, WTH is up with this woman? Will ponder this for a while, as I am sure you have.

    I am glad you are feeling better and are acknowledging where this is all coming from. That will make it "easier" to deal with as you decide what your future holds. Hugs to you, Dana.

  3. I, also, always "show" them....
    It never really works that way, though.
    But that's good - squeezing the better out of it!

  4. Wonder if your crazy boss has a bit of dementia starting? Why would someone act that way? Has she always been this bad? I'm so sorry you are having to put up with an irrational person who basically controls your destiny via paycheck. I can relate. It's coming to a head with me and my job, and hello, stress? But at least I have my husband's paycheck so I am not in such a tight situation as you. Still, it's not a good place to be in and I empathize with you.

  5. It sounds like most of the issues are between her and her son. It seems that you are caught in the crossfire. No wonder you feel stress!

  6. You know, sometimes the answer just that she's being an Ass. Maybe she's on a power trip. Maybe she's mad at her son. Maybe she's got hate in her heart. It doesn't really matter why she's behaving badly. She just is.

    It's okay for her to not loan you the money. However, promising to help and then reneging wasn't okay. It's extra-special that she's made you responsible for her guilt. She broke a promise - she should feel guilty.

    Also, it's rude to hold it over you that she could help you, she just doesn't want to help you. Did she ask you to help her pack her suitcase for her Power Trip?

    Sometimes the best thing you can do is remember that her behaving badly doesn't define how you respond. Be helpful if you choose to because it's the right choice for you. If you behaving like a decent person makes her feel bad about herself, then that's her problem.

  7. oh my friend I wish I could tell you to let stuff like that roll off of ya but I let crap like that bug me too. Stay strong! Remember that you are better that that and worth more than you can ever imagine. Never let someone make you feel any different! xoxo

  8. This reminded me that I need to get out my water jug. I have been slacking on that so badly!

  9. man. you have so much happening right now and more than anything after reading this Im hoping you are being KIND TO YOU.



  10. Honestly she doesn't sound very well balanced! I think the issues are hers and hers alone, nothing to do with you.

  11. i had a really shitty weekend too :(

    jobs are indeed scarce. i hate job hunting :(

    wish i was taking a trip!

  12. As a person in recovery, think about what you said "my crazy boss lady made me feel like a piece of crap" Is that really true?

  13. Nope anonymous that isn't true at all. I did that all by myself. I thought that when I typed it.



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