Monday, June 21, 2010

Retraining the Brain

Weekend was wonderful. Did not want to come back to work, but here I am. Went to see Toy Story on Saturday. Very cute. 3D was okay too. My stomach got upset, but I think that was due to the butter on the theatre popcorn. It SUCKED. So here's an NSV.....I gave the popcorn away. Who knew?? You really don't have to eat something just becuase you spent money on it. The litle girl sitting next to me thought she had won the lottery. So did her dad. At $9 bucks (before noon) a ticket it gets real expensive to take your family to the movie. Then I went out to babysit the Gkids while Mom and Dad had a nice relaxing dinner out. We made TJ's little meatloafs. The kids helped make them. Really fun and they love them.

Sunday was a long bike ride. Missing my dad yesterday. Then church. I am going to devote an enite post to the lady that I serve in the library with She is a 1st class character. 87 years old. Then Cassie and the kids came over and we went swimming and had the leftover mini meat loafs. They were a as big hit the 2nd time around. Then the kids started watching E.T. in the new Gkid room. Made the visit so much easier. Corralling kids is they only way to go when there are so

Work will be busy again this week. I was reading archives and this time last year I was complaining about being busy then too. Hips are still bothering me alittle and we only walked a little over 2 miles this morning. We were all The Walking Dead this morning. IF one of us would have she wasn't going all 3 of us would have ended up staying home. See, there is safety in numbers. Eating was not stellar, but I had only a couple of real bingey/ snacky hours yesterday afternoon. So I started getting the Gkid room organized for the kids visit. Yep, retraining the brain. Slowly, but surely.

Have a great day. Keep the mood and the food real...........


  1. I hope you have a great week!

  2. wow on the popcorn. i never give it away...

    im retraining my brain to recognise that smaller portions are normal and stop freaking out when i see it.

    glad you enjoyed the weekend babes!

  3. It's great to be able to read back in your blog and see how you were feeling and what was going on the same time last year - I'm sure it helps put perspective on things, knowing you got through them once already.

    Grandkid room - I love that idea!


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