Monday, June 14, 2010

See I told you.....

.....that was a busy little outfit. Thank you so much for all the tips. I love the bare leg idea, but it too short for a 50 year old woman. That's why I went with leggings. I have a black sweater and I am going to use that the next time I wear it. It might not be till November. It is really heating up out there.

I really want to find a car. I have my daughter looking around for me too. I am just not good at stuff like this. I have an appointment with a lawyer friend from church tomorrow. I should have done in the 1st place. Anyway, I have a friend that has so very graciously offered to come and hold my hand at the appointment and to file. Having some one there that doesn't have an emotional investment is a huge help. I have attached so much emotion to this stuff that I have wallowed long enough. It's getting down to push comes to shove.

My son with the car moved out and I don't want to put pressure on their new relationship. Poor kid is trying to figure out how to please 2 women. I don't want to be that MIL. He's moved about 30 mins away. He also has the summer off. So no more waiting for him to finish and pick me up. I know I should have planned ahead. I truly, truly suck at that. I put off the uncomfortable. blah blah blah. Same story, different day. Anyway. Need to get going on things or suffer a heat stroke riding home. I might be exaggerating alittle, but it is Phoenix.

So this will be a busy week. I doing ok with food. Had a busy weekend. Went to see the A-Team. It was everything you would expect, enough said. Went on a long bike ride yesterday before 6 am. Then this morning we knocked out 4.8 miles walking. HOLY CRAP!! I am really excited. My foot started hurting at the end, but it wasn't that hard. I think we are going to try for another 4.8 tomorrow morning! Then rode my bike about 4 miles to work. Will ride home and then jump in the pool. I decided to talk to my boos about starting earlier then leaving earlier till I get a car. That way I am not riding home in the heat of the day. I really need to push H20 today. I ate out both evenings for dinner. Didn't do terrible, but still. I feel good about my effort. That's what counts.

Have a Great Monday, again thanks for the fashion advice. I will do that again. It was fun. Keep the mood and food real.


  1. I'm making plans for my truck today, too!
    Best of luck to us both, eh?
    Water water water.....

  2. Dana, I continue to hold your car situation in my prayers. An ex of mine bought a gem of a little car at the auction there in Phoenix a few years ago, so there are bargains to be found there.

  3. Hey Dana, I am super impressed at you walking nearly 5 miles on top of a long bike ride - your stamina is fantastic! Love that you can jump in the pool when you are done riding...that sounds sooo good in this heat.

    I really hope someone can find you a car - the best deals are usually word of mouth - someone knows someone who is getting rid of a car. I applaud you for not wanting to be "that MIL" and giving your son space to develop his relationship with his fiancee. This alone tells me you are a wonderful MIL already!

    Good luck with your lawyer - sometimes we all need a clean slate.

  4. Hi, Dana! Just dropping by to say I hope you're having a wonderfully blessed day! :)

    I'll pray the Lord finds you the perfect car quickly. And good luck on pushing the water. I'm doing the same thing today!

    Love, Gracie-kins

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  7. Holy moly ... you're kicking it with the serious walks (and bicycling and swimnming). I'm off to check your archives to catch up with you! (PS - I actually liked the yellow sweater with the dress. I always like a pop of color. And - due to the hot climate where I live and you have me beat by a long shot - I'm all about bare legs.) :)

  8. man you are in AWESOME shape and motivated.
    Always a killer duo ;)

    and I love the leggings.
    said it before and Ill say it again :)


  9. nice one thank you for sharing.


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