Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Productive Saturday....finally

Great day. I got so much done. I was very pleased with all my efforts. Went to Sprouts and got lots of fruits and veggies. Cherries...I love cherries. I have really thought about something that TJ said the other day. She loves her food. Who wouldn't love her food, right? She says that is a major factor for her success. So I have decided to take my time, figure out what I like, make lists, planned ahead and prepare my meals with reverence. Thanks to Roxie for that post. Been thinking about both posts. It really rang true. I bitch cause I don't know how to cook. Well, who's fault is that?? I am worth the extra time and effort and money to fix good for me food. I got lots of exercise cleaning this morning. Then I decided to walk in my neighborhood. It was alot cooler, but DAMN it was humid! I was drenched by the time I finished. I was going to go to the office and walk on the treadclimber. I decided not to even set foot in that office this weekend. I don't want to risk anyone screwing with my good day. Sill feeling alittle fragile. It really feels good to treat myself with loving kindness. So why, oh why, do I fight it sometimes.

Deep cleaned the downstairs. I have decided to paint. My daughter had some paint left over from painting the baby's room and I think I am going to paint one wall. I have an appointment to get the carpets clean Wed and my sister and my niece and nephew are coming Thurs. We will be decorating for the shower Friday. I think I have a hike in mind for Friday or Saturday morning. Nothing too steep, cause I don't want to cream my knee.

I feel less stressed over the past couple of days. More relaxed and I feeling like I am "sharper". Besides loosing things that I wish I had good days everyday. Oh well, if there was no bad days I wouldn't know what a good day was, right?

Hope everyone had all their Saturday dreams come true. Keep the mood and the food real.......



  1. so glad to read you got a lot done, sure, but more the LESS STRESSED!

    here's hoping that lasts all week long.

    for all of us :)


  2. There nothing like cleaning something to make one feel productive. Oh, and I love the prospect of a bit of new paint. What fun! You'll look at it and smile for days after having done it.

    Hope you Sunday was equally as wonderful!


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