Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I woke up with a sick feeling in my stomach. TCB ( the crazy brain ) is working over time this morning. I feel so nervous and upset. About what?? I haven't a clue. I am worried about work again. I wish I wouldn't do this. It is unreasonable. Luckily it was my morning to visit the good doctor. Felt much better. I am really going to work on not taking things personally. That's my home work. I assigned it to

Work was crazy again today. I will be glad when school starts and things calm down a bit. Everyone is tense. Since the state of AZ is broke they have drastically reduced our funding this year. No one got a raise, but everyone got to keep their job. They have added classrooms to try to make up the difference. That means lots of construction. Remodels really bring out the best in people....NAUGHT. Anyway, things were much better today then yesterday. For sure. Luckily they have plenty of kids enrolled, but you never know till you see the whites of their eyes.

Walked my 3 miles and rode the bike to work. Food has been better too. I planned on eating alittle dinner and go to bed early. This heat really wipes me out. Gee, this crap only last till November....UGH! H20 was better, but I could do even better. Goal for tomorrow.

Got things for the shower decided. Invites will go out tomorrow. My daughter seems happy. So I am happy. Went to see Inception yesterday. My head was not in the game, cause I didn't get it. UGH! I will go see it again with another friend that is dieing to see. Work kept texting me. I finally turned it off, then I just sat there and worried about work. STUPID! Anyway. I loved the acting. Joseph-Gordon Leavitt is one of my fave actors. I think he is under appreciated. Did anyone see the movie Brick? Loved it! 500 Days of Summer.....awesome. Not to mention Leo. He is so talented.

Well I guess that's it. Feeling so much then I did this morning. Really did better today. Didn't swaet the small stuff. Keep the mood and the food...........


  1. I hear you on the remodeling stuff! Ugh is right.

    Glad you had a good doc visit and are feeling a bit better today. Try not to let the turkeys get you down.

  2. Good for you!! Have a great day tomorrow.

  3. Fight The Crazy Brain!
    And not all night - it's best to get a fresh start in the morning!

  4. Tell that TCB to shut up! You are doing great, no need to give TCB any power. Just think about all the good things you have coming up in the next few months. And tell TCB it's not invited to any of them.

  5. I really liked Inception. Husband said it was so so. Hubby likes strange.......but when it starts leaning toward downright weird he doesn't get it. :) For me it was just weird enough. I gotta be able to wrap my head around it and i think i did. Hope you enjoy it the second time.

  6. Huge Hugs from one Crazy Brain to another xxx


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