Wednesday, July 14, 2010

trip pics

Ok this is going to be a long post. With lots of pics. I am bored so I decided to upload some trip pics. To recap I went to Blanding, UT for the 4th and then headed off to San Diego the same week.

This 1st pic is very spooking. Really. The Whalley House in Old town was named one of the 10 most haunted houses in the U.S.A. Or so says the Travel Chanel. Anyway I took this right before the tour. We were the only ones there. I KNOW! I didn't a flash, but come on that is a great story. The "ghost chaser" had a vortex meter and everything. Very legit. Or so said the 14 year old who really, really wanted to go. It was fun and he really told alot of history that I didn't get the next day when everyone was around. This was in Balboa Park. Everything was closed but the buildings alone were worth the trip. Works of art. Lot's of museums. Gardens. A great place to just wander around. Especially cause it was 65 degrees. SIXTY FIVE degrees. Yes, I want to go back. SOON.
Cut to me in Blanding UT. This pic is of my sweet friend's Gsons and a nephew. They are good boys. They love to give me a bad time. I love to give it back.

Ok. this was just too cute. I don't know this child but I had to take a pic. That mother put alot of time and effort into this outfit. She deserved to have a total stranger walk up and ask if I could take a pic of her. TOO CUTE. Too bad the mother stood in front of us the entire parade....with her shorts way too short. Oh well. To each their own

This just cracked me up. Love Small Town USA. They could really play. they were very good!

Here is pic of what they call a handcart. This is what my ancestors pushed and pulled 2000 miles as they made their way west. From Iowa to Utah. Loaded down with just enough food to last 2000 miles. I can't even imagine that. Seeing the handcart up close really got to me for some reason. I am so very proud of their courage and determination. Just knowing about them makes me a better person. More confidant. Look what kind of stock I come from. Come on! What can't I do, right?? lol. I have been watching the PBS series Faces of America. I highly recommend it. It's fascinating. People are fascinating. Very person.
I am grateful for the time away. I really needed it!
Work is going good. food not so good. Got to get the food store. I have been really busy and the days are getting away from me. Better to be busy. Still walking every morning. Getting in at least miles. So doing good there. Feeling good. Staying away from stress. Yep, it's going ok.
Keep the mood and the food real......


  1. 3 miles. I am walking 3 miles. oops

  2. You are too funny, commenting on your own blog! Good on ya for walking so far in that heat, though!

    Neat pics - you look fantastic in dress/sweater combo! I keep seeing those short-sleeved sweaters and want one...I will have to go shop now!

  3. I can just see you standing on the side of the parade :)

  4. You look awesome in that picture!! I love that tutu dress. I've saw those on etsy before.

  5. It looks like a great escape to me! I love San Diego...and to be cool would be a blessing for sure. You look very happy in that picture.

  6. Looks like you had a terrific time. Glad you got away and came back refreshed.


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