Friday, July 16, 2010

weekend plans

Got the day off to a good start. We walked over 3 miles this morning. 96 degrees at 5 am. UGH! Anyway. Ate healthy brekkie and am now getting ready to start working. No really. I am. Brought fruit for snack today. Now if I can just stay away from the frozen Jr Mints in the freezer. Tossing them right after I finish here.

Going to push the h20 today. Not drinking enough water. For sure. I have been feeling very snacky this past week. I walk into this office and all I want to do is eat. UGH! It's got to be an emotional thing. Who knows. Who cares. Just don't give in to the munchies! Or if I do, munch on something healthy. Something real.

Having the Ggirls over a sleepover tonight. Excited about that. We are going to swim and watch movies. Paint our nails and do our hair. They love to comb my hair. As long as they don't pull too hard I let them. Have got meals planned. Snacks too. They have already called to ask what time they can come. It's great to be so loved!

Have a great weekend. Do something fun! Stay cool. Keep the mood and then food real.


  1. Boy, I thought I had it bad with being 80 degrees at 7 am! Go YOU for getting out in that heat, Dana!!!

    Oh man, Junior Mints - I used to love those. Never thought about freezing them...I'm afraid that would be a little TOO good, so I won't be trying that, lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful time with the girls - you are such a sweet grandma to do so much with them. :)

  2. You are going to be surrounded by unconditional love this weekend with your grandbabies this weekend. What a wonderful way to spend the time.

    You are establishing such wonderful, loving memories for them. What a gift! It's more precious than gold.

  3. Have so much fun!!! I hope you have a blast of permapressed memories ripe for their brains. I know that you will even if you do the most mundane things. Jealous!

  4. Here's to a great weekend.
    We can do hard things.
    I quoted you - again - today!
    Cuz you are like my hero!

  5. I want to paint our finger nails and do our hair lol I love you too *smile*. Trying to catch up here. I know what you mean about the emotional eating at work, I've been having it too.


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