Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I really can do hard things

Well here I am in all my glory. I look crazy happy, right? Just prior to this I was crying. That hike is HARD! I was crying cause I really thought I was in better shape. You will notice in the pictures that I sweating ALOT! My friend told me it was like a rain cloud had followed just me around. Then there is my sister. Dry. Beautiful. Story of my

My sister was kind enough to inform me that I needed a sports bra....after we took the pic. I really do need I look crazy happy here because I am down the mountain. Fell only once. The fronts of my legs are just today feeling back to normal. They hurt! Would I do it again? Hell Yes! I am going to do it again. When it's cooler. This fall. I can't wait.
I loved this pic of my daughter and her family. We had left over shower food for dinner that night. There was alot of left overs. Gave them all away, to this family!

This is a picture of the adult cousins. With 2 Gkids that snuck This is after the shower. My future DIL was there with her mother. It felt good to invite her into all our family pics. She loved it, I could tell.

This one is of my niece , me and my sister. We look tired...we had just climbed a mountian! At 5 AM!
It was a fun weekend. I got a new pair of sneakers. Found them for $25 at TJ should go. Now that song will be stuck in my head.
Finishing the hike, getting to the top was a very emotional thing. I thought of every hike I wish I would have done with my mother. I was still using quite heavy when she was alive. Lots of times I missed. I thought about how 2 years ago I never would have imagined that I would hike. I could barely make it up my stairs in my house without huffing and puffing. I was damn proud of myself. I CAN DO HARD THINGS .
I am reevaluating what I am doing for exercise. I really thought the hike was going to be easier. I did really think Iw asin better shape. So.....I am going to add something else in besides just walking. My friend said something about muscle memory. I am a creture of habit. For sure!
Best get to work. School is starting M onday nad they down to the wire with all the remodels. People are stressed. I need that to not become my problem. My world is humming right along. Pleasantly. Let's keep it that way.
Keep the mood and the food real.


  1. Never fear your not the only one that needs a sports bra :)
    Way to go on finishing your hike you and your sister look awesome!
    Always nice to spend time with family.

  2. aww I love the mountain top hike pics! GO YOU! :)

    Love the family visits! :)

    I enjoy checking TJ MAXX for deals- thx for the reminder! :)

  3. Climbing mountains is emotional. If (when) I make it there or you make it here we will have to climb a mountain together (smile). So happy you had such a wonderful time with your family. I thought you all looked wonderful, loved seeing the pictures. Yes, you can do hard things *smile*.

  4. You may have been dripping with sweat...but YOU DID IT!!!!!

    Yeah yeah yeah....sports bras.....sometimes the girls just need to be reigned in! :-)

  5. I loved this post Dana! I could use a bit of that attitude!

  6. Man I made alot of spelling arrors. I was in a hurry!

  7. That is so awesome and inspiring!! MAJOR NSV!! Way to go!!

    BTW, you just need a workout top that wicks sweat away and you'll look as cool and dry as your sister does at the end of any workout. Regardless, you can be proud of that sweat and the awesome workout you did!

  8. I am your sister in sweat, Dana - if we exercised together, we'd need a mop boy following us around, lol!

    I am super impressed by that hike. I don't think I could do that without crying like a baby (and being carried down the mountain on a stretcher!). You are so right - you CAN do hard things!!! Your mom would be so proud. She IS proud. What a wonderful turn-around you have done!

    As for the sports bra - isn't it nice you know what to look for? ;)

  9. Damn my eyes! I can't read the sign; which mountain??

    We did some tough hiking in W TX last week @ Ft Davis & Enchanted Rock, so I'm witcha on the concept of figuring out what the ol' bod is capable of doing...

  10. That is so awesome. What a great story. I can tell you are proud. And you should be. It feels good to be proud of yourself doesn't it?

  11. OMG...I was thinking what song...And then I remembered it and now it's stuck in my head - thanks!!

    Congrats on getting the hike done. I think you look adorable!! So glad you are going to do it again!

  12. I love the pictures! Makes your posts so much more real and personal. Congrats on the hike. Wow-look how far you have come. I posted a while ago about my hopes to hike up and down the Grand Canyon once I am more fit. So, I am envious!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, too today. You know, my children (all adults) also end our phone conversations with "I love you" and the cool thing is I hear them end phone conversations to their siblings, spouses, and super good friends that way, too. Michele

  13. You do look absolutely happy in that picture of your hike. Climbing a moutain is pretty darn rewarding, isn't it?

    There's nothing like it knowing that you climbed up and then back down. I agree about the sport bra but don't make the mistake I did--I bought a cheapie one from Walmart. Spend the extra money on a good one.

    Congrats on climbing that mountain.


  14. Congrats!
    When I feel down on myself, I think of all those "hard things" I could never have done before!
    Challenge? We ain't skurred of no stinkin challenge!

  15. I am sure others will echo this sentiment: but having two great kids and grandkids is one of the most personal achievements you can have. Priceless. Plus, you are an amazing model for them-kicking your addiction is not something trite.

    The finances are a pain in the butt, though. If I win the lottery: I will give you some (except you have to play to win!?!?). This , too, will pass. ‘Kay.


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