Thursday, August 19, 2010

making a difference

Have really had a pretty good week. No food comas. Lots of H20 and I've tried to make the most of all my walks. I had overnight guests last night. As many of you know my daughter adopted 4 children thru foster care. The oldest boy and girl have siblings that live with and have been adopted by another foster family. I guess things aren't going so good with the other foster family. The mother waited till 2 weeks after the adoption was final and let left the dad, with the older girls 12. his own and the adopted 11. I took the 11 year adopted daughter over night with her little sister that my daughter adopted. It was a fun time and I did enjoy it. It kept me busy and they were good company. I felt so bad for the 11 year old. The mother had her get a relaxer put in her very fragile African-American hair. It almost all fell out but just little bit. Broke my heart. She was crying and trying to make fun it before anyone else. It damn near killed me. I wish so bad I afford nice extensions for her, but alas, I can not. Seriously what the hell was she thinking??

We went swimming twice once late last night once early this morning. There has been a heat advisory. ugh! I took them to a cheap movie this morning too. Like I said. A good time

We went out to my daughter's this afternoon and watched HGTV and just visited with the girls till my daughter and her family got home from shopping. My daughter is sure looking round. Her poor boobs are so big she hardly looked preggers for a She is really "nesting" for sure. Not only has she redecorated a nursery, but she is busy fine tuning her other kids rooms as well. They are looking super cute. She has a good eye for that kind of stuff. Always done on the cheap, but done well.

Had a piece of pizza last night and that was it. I felt I had had enough, so I quit eating. I always thought that was just an urban Lately that's how I've felt, but this week I have been doing much better.

Going to settle in and watch some hulu and go to bed early. I want to be up by the butt crack of dawn for a bike ride. Roxie's sounded wonderful this morning, so I am following her lead. It's just too stinkin hot after like 7am. Then church as always. I do love Sundays.

I am going to leave you with another video that really inspired me to go the extra mile this weekend with the girls. I just know that I have a chance of being an influence in these kids lives for sure. It took so little effort, really and I feel so blessed and grateful this evening. Everyone no matter who they are influence those around them. For good or bad. I know that my bad influence, influenced both my kids too avoid drugs. I have a chance to be a good influence this time around. Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth; Enjoy!

keep the mood and the food real............


  1. I give hugs - not drugs!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. You have such a good heart, Dana. It shows in everything you do.

    As for hair, well, read my blog tomorrow for another hair story. I don't know that it will provide any comfort for the 11 year old, but it might. Bless her heart.


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