Friday, September 24, 2010

Do Something Wonderful!

Continue to love my little job. It's so wonderful to have them look forward to seeing you and telling you how much they appreciate you. This little couple are desperate to stay together. They are just so grateful that I am willing to come and do the dirty work. It takes all off about 15 mins. then I am ready to go. I keep telling the hubs, "Dude you are making this too easy on me". He just laughs. The wife has dementia but the hubs is adamant that he doesn't want to be alone in the house without her. A.Dor.Able. I am holding out for that kind of sweet man. I have low expectation, I will be single for ever I am sure. Which is ok with me. I do like my life. Most of the time, just like most of the human race.

Feeling so much calmer and less frantic. Feeling ok about work. It looks like I will have another client by the 1st of next week. I am going to be focused on getting that car. Even if it's just a beater right now. Something it can get me from point A to point B. Then I will start saving for something more reliable. I am feeling like things are coming together. Still have some other things I would like to explore as well.

Trying to still take it easy on the knee. Woke up to a stiff knee. Ugh! Makes me crazy worried. I will not have insurance after the end of the month. Nothing I can control. I can however be smart about what I am doing to my body. Plan on walking a little till this morning. I will have access to a ride for all my visits to my little couple. What should I call them? Thinking Ozzie and Harriet. They have an old time house like that too. Or Ward and June. LOL. I could go on and on.

Have a great weekend. Get out and do something wonderful !!

Keep the mood and the food real................



  1. Sounds like things are coming together!!! Sorry about the knee. I struggle with both my knees. I do a lot of stretching and ice packs to get through. It works! When I'm feeling better, I do more exercise, when they hurt I back off for a while. They get better and then I'm back at it. So frustrating to have injuries!!!! Just don't let it stop you.

    Keep focused! Have a great day!!! Have fun with those grand kids!!! So much fun!!


  2. Dana, you are just awesome. I vote for Ozzie and Harriet for your new friends. I am so glad that things are coming together for you, even in the face of such tumultuous change. I believe that good things are coming your way - many good things.

    I am assuming this is your same friend that you spoke of a couple of months ago? She's back using again? That's such a difficult situation that you are put in - I think you are probably right about setting this boundary.

    Enjoy your grandkids this weekend! And when does the new one arrive?

  3. I just smiled and smiled reading this post. About the knee pain are you doing some stretching? If not look some leg stretches up online and do them faithfully everyday. With all the riding and walking you need to make sure you're stretching. I am still having ankle pain but the stretching is helping. I'm so happy you like your little couple and they are so kind to you, you deserve that since you are so very kind too. Hope your girlfriend gets herself together for the family's sake if nothing else. Hope you have a great time with the gkids which I know you will. *hugs*

  4. So great to hear that things are settling down and you're feeling grateful and grounded. Love Roxie's suggestion of Ozzie and Harriet - perfect!

    With your knee, there are things you can do to help it along while waiting for insurance. Ice it for 15 minutes after you walk, with it elevated. Do it every time as it really helps decrease inflammation. So does ibuprofen, if your stomach can take it. And if it helps, wrap the knee with a brace or ace bandage for support. Have a great w/e!

  5. Glad you like your new couple so much! If you can, take a day of resting the knee - no walking or bike riding. And ibuprofen will help - probably just overuse, and eventually it will get accustomed to all that you are asking it to do. Not easy to deal with the pain now, I know!

  6. HOW EXCITING!!! Love ya!!!

  7. I just bought a new DVD "Strong Knees"...
    It has a lot of yakety yak (I already know where all the leg muscles are & what they do, thank you very much!) and a few deceptively simple targeted exercises. Maybe it all boils down to the power of suggestion, but my knees felt better afterward.
    If I can figure out how to make myself a shorter copy (just the exercises please), I'll be happy to send you the original.


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