Friday, September 10, 2010

Get Low

It's great being a GeGe. Had a nice Gparent Day at school. Kids are so honest. Gson is black and I'm white. Kids looked at us and said, Is she your grandma?? Time after time I watched my Gson just put up is palm and say "Yep she is". I love it. Our palms are alike. I don't even know if he realized what he was doing. It touched my heart.

I then went with my daughter to her OB/GYN appointment. That was fun. She is such a good girl. She is my rock and my secret weapon. She is so smart! She fights mightily for those she loves. I have seen her take on Child Protective Services and win. I am so proud of all my kids. Inlaws be damn, they're all mine.

I am still scared out of my mind, but I am excited for the changes to come. I went to the movie yesterday afternoon and I'll be damn if the Old Lady Boss wasn't there. WTF. I was so shocked I wanted to throw up. I damn near ran into her. I was able to avoid her and left thru the emergency exit and out the back. Quick get away.

My family is taking me out to dinner tonight since my real Bday was so messed up. It should be fun. We wanted to wait till my SIL could be there too. It should be a good time. I will take pics. I forgot this morning. Have a great weekend all. Go see the movie Get Low. Hands down best movie of the summer. Loved Robert Duval was so good in it. It was just the right amount funny, suspenseful and touching.

Keep the mood and the food real........


  1. Have a lovely time with your family Dana!

  2. It's so fun being a grandma, isn't it? My friends always told me so! I love my little g-daughter more than anything in this world...glad you had a good day with your grandchildren and your daughter.

  3. Glad you and gson had a good time at school, how cute about him putting up his hand *smile*. I'm so excited for you and your daughter and the new gbaby coming. Sorry you almost had a run in with the exboss lady. Hope you have a terrific bday dinner with the family you deserve a nice day.

  4. That first paragraph about your grandson just warmed my heart. :) Hope your enjoyed your "birthday" dinner!

  5. I love that you love being a grandma. it always makes me smile!

    Hope you enjoyed the dinner <3
    *puffy heart love*


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