Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Half Marathon?? Yes, I think I will

Well I have been thinking about training for half marathon. The Rock and Roll Marathon is in January. My walking buddy and I have really been talking about it. I know I can do it, so I need to read up and decide how to start training. Why not, right?? I've got nothing but time and I need something big to work towards. Well that and a job....lol. I have been riding the hell out of my bike. Long leisurely rides. Listening to podcasts and enjoying the cooler mornings.

I don't think I will be with out a job for long. Things are looking good in that department. I think. I am willing to do anything, so it shouldn't take long. I have to decided to move or not. I rent from the boss's Gdaughter. Probably should move out. I want to be able to stay within my ward boundaries. That's the way the LDS church sets up their congregations (wards). You go to church with your neighbors. I love it and am thankful for it everyday. I know the Lord's hand was in that decision when the church was organized.

I have a fight in front of me and I am going to need all the love and support I can get. Got some bad news yesterday. I put myself into a food coma last night. Half a loaf of raisin bread. STUPID. Not the worse thing in the world. Oh and about a thousand of those damn otter pops. Throw in a few Yorks that I got for my Bday and well....food coma. Went to sleep early, up early. Lots of reading and praying, and thinking this morning. Gonna head out now for another long ride. Clears the head and makes me grateful.

keep the mood and the food real............


  1. I am so excited for you - you can totally do the half marathon!!! Plus, training for it will give you something to focus on, which will hopefully help keep TCB at bay.

    Now, the bad news? I'm sorry - I hope you are going to be ok. Sending good thoughts your way - email if you need to vent, I'm always willing to listen. Hugs to you, Dana!

  2. Well, I'm training for a half- half- half- half- half-marathon, so we're in this together!

    Good luck on the job search and cut that sh*t out with the food coma!

  3. I think the half is a wonderful idea! I am so sorry to hear of your bad news. I'm unclear from reading whether you've decided to move or not.

    You've got all sorts of grit, Dana. You can deal with whatever comes your way. I, too, believe that this is just a clearing out - a making way for new, different and fabulous things. I look forward to hearing what you want those things to be.

  4. They have that same marathon here. Hmmmm I will have to check it out. As long as I could walk it...

  5. Hey, Dana. Will you pls email me when you get a chance. I wanna run something by you. jacksh.tgettinfit@gmail.com

  6. I think ramping up for a half marathon is just what the doctor ordered. Tangible results and realistic, too. Go for it!

  7. Sounds like a great plan to me. http://www.marathonwalking.com/ that's the website I used for my training schedule and to get more info. You know Mike and I are doing ours next month so any questions just ask. Not that I know it all but maybe I can help a little if need be.

    Hope the bad news isn't to bad. Hope things work out and like Jack said no more food comas.

    You're a tough cookie you'll be fine. I'm so happy that you have your family and church.

    I'm here if ya need to talk too. *hugs*

  8. A half marathon sounds like a great idea! You can do it! And oh man, I'd totally forgotten about the amazingness of raisin bread until just now...I'm glad I don't keep stuff like that in my house.

  9. YAY!!!

    Im so excited as you CAN do this and have plenty of time to plan and train.

    I love Hal Higdons novice training program as welll.

  10. You can absolutely do a half marathon.

    Here's a coupon code for that race which will take 10 dollars off the cost of the race: SDSURVEY10. Also, if you mail in your entry you'll save the active.com fees which will save you about 8 dollars.


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