Thursday, September 23, 2010

Standing Up for Myself

Getting in a routine again is just what I need. I started the new home health job. It is going to be a breeze. Except, that until that car appears I will be making 3-4 , 5 mile round trips a day to and from their home. It will take longer to ride there then for actual time at the house. The hubs of the sweet little lady with dementia has made it worth my while, so I will ride. Like the wind! He really wants to keep her at home. I love old people. I am also set to get another client, so I think I am going to be ok. At least for a while.

Yesterday my knee was killing. I am not going to be able to walk 4 miles and then ride 20. Not right now. My daughter is letting me borrow her bike. Mine is a Goodwill special and is very old and hard to pedal. If the wind is blowing ( like yesterday) it's a killer. Luckily I was able to catch a ride all day to work. Back and forth. This morning I walked around 2 miles and I only have to ride to work once. The rest of the day I have a ride. I have the best friends ever! I am hoping that this will give the old knee a chance to feel better

Had my son and his GF over for dinner last night. It was nice. It has been kind of weird since they still work at the school and I don't want to toss around my negative feelings. Better talk of more important things. Like the wedding. I never realized how much time I spent bitching about that place. I am so glad to OUT of there and away from all the craziness. It really was a blessing.

Food was not so good yesterday. Though the scales showed me down yesterday morning from the scary high from the 1st of the week. I have lots of free time and I need to get a hobby. I can only straighten and organize just so much. I've even started watching Oprah again. Not so good for Dana. Once the knee feels better and the temps DROP (fingers crossed.....I have pretty much decided that this summer is going to last till Spring.) I can get out and about more.

Still have some hope that the old employer will soften their hearts and be fair with me about the back vacation. Note, I said some hope. I am prepared to move forward with filing my claims if not. I am over feeling anxiety over it all. I am prepared to stand up for myself. No matter what it takes.

Keep the mood and the food real.............stand up for YOU.



  1. That is a lot of exercise to and from your job. I hope autumn comes to AZ in the way of cooler temperatures.

    While we can't control the outcomes, we can control what we choose to do about things. Good for you!

  2. Good opportunity for some great exercise, Dana. I hear you on the needing to have things to do to resist the call of the couch and fridge while watching Oprah.

  3. Wow, you are going to melt away to nothing with all of that bike riding!

    I hear ya on realizing how much you used to talk about your old job - that was me, too. The further away I get from it, the more I can see what a crummy situation it was for me, and I'll be it's the same for you. I do hope they act with integrity and give you what is owed, but if they don't, I'm glad you are going to stand up for yourself!

  4. Hope the knee get to feeling better. Glad the new lady and her husband are nice and making it worth your while. Boy long time on the bike though hope the weather stays good.

    Yea, getting rid of the negativity is always a good thing. Hope the old boss dose the right thing. *hugs*

  5. Love to hear the spirit in you babes!
    Way to go on the new clients.
    Eeeep on that travelling. Yes. Do take it easy for a while.

  6. its a new day too for the food-front.
    a SO GOOD DANA day.
    just do the best you can...moment by moment.

  7. Great news about the job! And man riding all those miles is going to be good for your weight!

  8. Seems like things are looking up a little. Hope you get many more clients. Take care with that bum knee.

  9. On the other hand, down time is a great chance to make a change.
    I walk in-place, or do the rebounder, (or something active)
    during commercials. You'd be amazed at how many commercials there are!


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