Thursday, September 9, 2010

When God speaks, LISTEN

Well what a crazy 50th birthday. I did get fired. It was hands down one of the top ten worst experiences of my life. Not that I got fired but the way I got fired. I am able this morning to see it as a good thing. Yesterday, I was just so hurt. I'm still hurt, but I am looking at all the positives. The best gift I got yesterday was all the support I got from family and friends IRL and here in blogland. I get teary again just thinking about all the love I felt yesterday. I spent most of my time telling and retelling the story to people. It was good therapy. I cried till my face was swollen. Lot of tears brought on my the kindness and love that was so freely given to me. I might not be rich in money or things, but I hit the jackpot in freinds and family. My church family really rallied around. It's so wonderful to have a bunch of "cheerleaders" show up at your door, take you for yogurt, telling you that you are going to be fine. Things will work out. And you know what...they will.

This needed to happen. I've been so paralyzed with fear for so long that I've ignored all the little pebbles a loving Father in Heaven was tossing at me to get my attention. I do things the hard way, when I don't have to. Pain, the Great Motivator! I have put up with verbal abuse, I have compromised my standards, just so I could keep my job. I don't think this is going to be easy. I will probably have to move.....that's the worst case. I went and talked with my bishop last night, I think that I will have a elder care job soon. A group of "employment specialists" that meet one night a week at the church. It's their goal to help find me a job. The Mormon church as many resources when it comes to employment. For any one, anywhere. Check it out at So I will be there Tuesday. I have no doubt that I will be ok. Remind me of this when I start freaking out, cause I am sure I will.

I don't know what the future might bring. Today I am going to clean out my fridge, organize some things, bike to the food store and go have lunch with BFF where she works. It's her Bday today. It was actually cool this morning....COOL! 72 degrees. I am going to take advantage of this morning weather....96 this afternoon.

My Gson called and so sweetly invited me to his school for Gparent Day tomorrow morning. His selling point was breakfast and our picture. He had me at I am so there!! I am spending the night at my daughter's. Yep.....I am loved.

Got my 3 miles in and yesterday I drank lots of water. No cake for my Bday. This is 2 years in a row. Didn't miss it. Actually when my stomach is in knots I can't eat anyway. Goal is to stay in gratitude, apply for unemployment, and enjoy what I do have. You the same thing...not the unemployment thing, unless of course you

Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. Sorry you got fired but it does sound like a blessing. I know too you will be fine. I love that you have so many RL friends and family to cheer you up and onward. Loved you are going with Gson tomorrow too for grandparents day you are the best gege for sure *smile*. Big big hugs Dana!

  2. I continue to believe that better things are coming your way. The whole "ripping off the bandaid" thing hurts, I know, but now you are free to pursue other avenues.

    As a faraway friend, I am grateful for your IRL friends who can take you to yogurt when the rest of us can't. Please know that we are all rooting, cheering and otherwise caring very deeply about you.

    As Bick The Philosopher says "the worst things that have happened to me always turn out to be the best things". Now he may be full of prunes, but life does have a way of turning on a dime.

    Hugs to you, Dana.

  3. Hey Dana, I'm sorry you had such a rough day but you're a strong woman and you will pull through this just fine! I'll be sure to remind you if you're ever doubtful. :) Have a good day today.

  4. I once got fired on my birthday too and after the shock came relief that I didn't have to go to that stupid job anymore!

    So sorry but can't help but feel there's been a big old door that just opened for you!

    May your next 50 years be your best.

  5. I'm sorry you got canned on your birthday but it just might be a gift. Getting fired (laid off) was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was so miserable but couldn't make the move to quit so the bastards made the decision for me. I'm so thankful I've been able to have this time off and hope you will feel the same way once the shock wears off.

    Take care and remember everything happens for a reason. I'm sure you will end up in a better place. I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

  6. It sounds like you are already receiving blessings from this. Your attitude is fantastic. My neighbor is an LDS member and I'm always amazed at how the church rallys on behalf of their flock. I'm so glad you have that strong faith base to help carry you through, as well as all you blog buddies. Hugs to you!

  7. I'm sad that this happened on your birthday, but I so understand the fear paralysis and I really think this was a gift. Good things are coming your way, Dana! And I'm so glad that you have your church to help rally around you during this time - I bet in a couple of weeks you will look back on this and be so happy that it happened this way. Big hugs to you - wish I could give you one in person.

  8. Dana i tried to post a comment yesterday and blogger ate it!!! %$$#^**((!!! I'm so sorry! But i agree with everyone else that bigger and better things are coming your way. And sometimes something like this has to happen for us to be able to 'move on' . I know i'm like that. I don't like to rock the boat. So as long as things are 'bearable' not good mind you but bearable i will put up with it just so things stay the status quo. You deserver better than what you had Dana. You deserve to be treated like a human being.

    You just keep your eyes and ears open for when the next thing comes along! Be open to change. Embrace it. No matter how hard it is and i KNOW it is. Keep your heart open. Hugs to you girl and a very happy belated Birthday. Now lets see if blogger will post this!

  9. <3 sounds like you do have a great mass of people surrounding you. though i wish was around to give you a birthday hug! just do the do m'love.
    i finally just got out of unemployment :P il send you the work lurgy.

    things will work out. THEY WILL.

  10. Hi there! Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I'm so glad that I happened to come across this blog. It's very inspiring to find other people who are interested in fitness and weight loss. I myself have lost 125 lbs and my story will be featured in the November 2010 issue of Shape magazine. This is very exciting for me! Anyway, I have a blog at if you'd like to check it out. I look forward to reading more of your weight loss journey. Take care! <3 Laura

  11. Of course - you are loved, loved, loved!

  12. Augh....So sorry. I agree, something better is coming your way!!!!

    Take this time and do some things you've always wanted to do (within the budget) and enjoy this time!! Go to the museum, park, visit a neighbor, walk everywhere, visit a lemonade stand, play with kids at the park, learn to knit, sew, cook....whatever. Just enjoy!

    You will be working soon enough :-)


  13. WOW - I am so impressed with your outlook. Keep up the great work!!!!!

    - Tessa

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday to you! And congrtulations on your weight loss gift. You have worked hard to get to that point. So, so sorry all that junk came down on your BD. You will be better without that job (eventually). Here's hoping for a way better year than last for you. Michele

  15. I'm sorry you got fired on your birthday. :( But your attitude rocks. Hang in there. Grandparent Day w/your grandson sounds like a great antidote.


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