Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It rained, finally!

I walked in the rain this morning. Felt good. It was just drizzling. Cleansing. I feel like I am a big ball of sweat lately. The woman that I am working this like to keep your house hot as hell. I am dripping when I leave. Oh well. She is an interesting woman for sure. It's not bad. I do like her. Walked over 3 miles this morning. Felt it. The wind was blowing too, so some resistance.

Went and picked up the car. It is a true beater. Smells like it's been sitting in the backyard for a couple of years. That can be fixed with some TLC. I turn the lights on with pliers...lol. I really am grateful for it. Believe me. I have to take it to get the brake lights fixed and then we'll see if it passes emissions. Fingers crossed. I don't want to put any real money into it. I am really going to have to scale back my food since I am not going to be riding the bike as much. I am up on the scale alittle even with all my bike riding.

Today is about food shopping. Going to try some new recipes. Maybe, I say that and then lazy out. When it's just me a sandwich is always easier. Anyway, I am feeling alittle better. Have some more phone calls to make today. I don't now why I let this stuff bother me. It won't kill me. Have a good Tuesday.

Keep the mood and the food real.....



  1. Let's make a pinky-swear pact that we will pull on our big-girl britches and take care of our "stuff" that we are avoiding!

    Enjoy your food shopping! I am so glad you've got some wheels under you.

  2. Hope you have a great day my friend! :)

  3. I like the rain too. Helps keep our corner of the world clean and green. Hey, do you think you burned off a few extra calories working in the sauna? LOL - maybe. Try a new recipe!! I highly recommend it. Keeps it fresh.

  4. I always love food shopping and planning new things to cook . . . things that will be healthy but make me excited about eating. I know what you're saying though--when it's just me for dinner I don't usually like to bother cooking anything. I'm not a big sandwich person, so I end up just having a bowl of rice with some tomato sauce and a fried egg (weird, but it's my go-to meal).

  5. So glad you got the car - even a beater can be appreciated, and look at it this way, you are recycling instead of buying new. (Yes, I'd rather have new, but there's got to be a sunny side to everything, right?)

    I am pretty bad when it comes to dinner for just myself. If I'm not having a bowl of cereal or yogurt and fruit, I consider it cooking if I have a veggie burger, lol. Eventually I feel guilty enough to steam some broccoli. Oh, and veggie soups are good - once it's cool enough to think about eating them. Glad you had the rain!


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