Friday, October 15, 2010


I woke up feeling grateful this morning. I got in alittle over 3 miles this morning and had a nice talk with my walking buddy. She is having to make some really life changing decisions and I am in awe of her courage. My other buddy has been MIA this week. She went too Mexico, plus she is having feet problems. She's doing acupuncture. The sun rise was gorgeous this morning. I think that's what trigger the gratitude. My little car passes emissions and was only $15 to slap a plate on it. So that is done. I need to replace the windshield. The officer that pulled me over the other day was kind enough to not give me a ticket for it. It got me all the way out to my daughter's and back. 60 mile round trip. It is a gas hog for sure. I won't be doing that regularly. Though it's nice to know I can.

I have had the past couple days off from my little lady. I really need to start looking into school. At least something. Not that it's a bad job, it's just not I think I am suppose to be doing. Decisions, decisions. I feel like a kid again at 50. What do I want to be when I grow up?? I want too study something that really interests me.

I have been doing ok with my food. I have been making good choices, though not perfect. I am happy with maintaining for awhile. I would like to loose about 20 for my son's wedding. It's still doable. The wedding is in March. It's crazy how fast time is flying. I haven't lost any weight since Christmas time. I got down to 179. I know what to do. It's just a matter of doing it. Maintaining through this crazy year has been ok with me. I am proud of that. I am.

No baby yet. My poor daughter is so over being preggers. She goes to the doctor again today. We are in a state of High Alert. Could happen at anytime really. She is being a good mama and following orders. Bedrest is getting very old for her. In fact her protein was down yesterday so they didn't induce her. I really thought it would be up. she was borderline the last test.

I am getting my new fridge new. It will be nice. I haven't really missed it though. I haven't really been home. It just truly died yesterday. I feel weird having to see the old boss family, but hey, it's ok. I can do this. It's like I don't want them anywhere around me. And this girl is a sweet heart. I am acting silly.

Keep the mood and the food real..............have a great weekend


  1. Maintaining is good, I always look at it that we have to do it for the rest of our lives anyway so what does it matter when we do it or not. Maintain a year, lose a few lbs maintain another year *smile*. I just think the longer we are in the game the better off we are anyway with learning and doing. Way to go on the 3 miles this morning and that you got to see a beautiful sunrise and hang out with your buddy.

    Hope your daughter has the baby soon and that it all goes smoothly.

    Hope the new fridge thing goes ok.

    YOu have a great weekend too. Hopefully you'll be a new grandmom *hugs*.

  2. My mother-in-law (age 91) has an in-home care-giver who lives there 24/7. She has been a God-send. At first it was touch and go because the lady has an accent and my MIL is not very tolerant but her good care and tender way won the elder Mrs. Splurge over. I can't imagine a tougher job and I commend you.

    Twenty pounds by March is doable ... not easy ... but doable. What a wonderful event to work toward.

  3. 20 pounds before march is QUITE doable!

    Praying for your daughter!!!

  4. Hope your daughter has the baby soon!!!
    20 pounds is a great goal. I know you can do it.

  5. I can sympathize with your daughter. Bedrest sure does get old! Tell her to hang in there and it is the best thing for her and the baby! Hope all is well and she has the baby soon =)

  6. You have the 20 lbs in the bag! Any time you put your focus on weight loss, you conquer it.

    Glad things are working out with the car and the if we could just get that baby to arrive!

  7. Hi Dana
    Sorry I've been away so long. This post was so nice, comforting, normal. Sounds like you are doing great.

    Hope the baby comes soon!!! I can't imagine being pregnant (never have been), much less pregnant that long.

    As for losing 20 lbs, I have no doubt you can do it. But even if you don't, I know you will be a beautiful mom-of-the-groom. Weight is not the most important thing...the love of your wonderful family is what matters.

  8. Maybe it will be a baby weekend? Hope so! :) Enjoy!

  9. Going to school sounds like such a fun idea! I believe everyone should be doing a career they actually like, and it's better late than never, right?

  10. and and and?

    how is your daughter?

    xo xo


  11. A job that is growing demand is Pharmancy Tech- support to the pharmacist and customer service. You can work while going for certification.
    Something tells me to tell you this... and to be honest I do not know why...:)


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