Monday, October 11, 2010

New day New week

It's a new day. A new week. I started the day with a 3 mile walk and a good talk with my friend. Then I went to work this morning and then realized that I work this evening instead. Not until the other girl Rode the bike around awhile after I left. It was a gloriously cool this morning. 65 degrees. This afternoon 93 degrees. Not so glorious. Then I came home and cleaned and organized. Did some errands. The little beater is getting me where I need to go. I really should get some pics of my cool retro car. It's got a big Thunderbird on the hood and trunk. I am grateful for it. Then I went and met my daughter and family. I took the kids to the bird park again while the parents went to the Drs visit. They love that place. I found some long sticks today. So there was lots of "fishing" going on. There was a ton of people there today. It's Fall Break. It was hot by 11 am so we headed for an ice cream.

I think I got the fridge fixed. The guy came and took a look at it and cleaned it and checked it out. He said if that doesn't fix it, I will need a new one. So no food shopping till I know if it's going to work. I am holding steady with my weight. I just feel crappy cause I am not really eating good for me food. Still feeling kind of sluggish. I am feeling better over all. Still trying to find my routine. It's coming along. I know things will cycle back around. It always does. That gives me hope. Like I said feeling better over all.

My daughter has still got the bun in the oven. Baby Z is still cooking. She will probably deliver after they do this next rounds of tests. She looks miserable. I love that she is really staying in the moment and trying to enjoy every part of this. My Gson was so funny the other night. I got in the van and he had ranch dressing smeared under both eyes. I was like what are you doing? He says I'm a football player GegGe. Made me laugh so hard. How can you get mad at the kid.

I'm off to sweep my patio from the storm the other night. It really did a number in my complex. 21 trees down. I wasn't even home for the event. I am trying to find my blogging mojo again. Trying to get in a routine of reading and commenting instead of just reading. I feel bad. It's like I am being selfish. I will figure this out. It seems like I have less free time now then when I had a

Keep the food and the mood real...........



  1. Hey Pants Lady-

    I know how you feel-sometimes I just don't feel like I have anything worthwhile to comment on other's blogs, and that makes me feel selfish.

    Good to know that you know there are ups and downs-stay on board for the ups-pulling for you!

    Polar's Mom

  2. I try to comment sometimes just to let the other person know I'm still around and doing well, and thinking about them... and sending some blogging luv...
    And besides, it's a "getting-to-know- you" kind of thing....
    Kinda fun!

  3. and sometimes its all about the NOT!
    not reading or writing or commenting.
    and then you (ok I :)) get the itch again.


  4. Let's hope the fridge stays fixed!

    RE: reading blogs - I think we all go through phases. Sometimes I'm chatty cathy and other times I just read. I don't think there are any requirements here :-)

    Sounds like a fun morning bird hunting and fishing with the gkids. Oh, and that ranch dressing thing? Funniest thing ever! What dollbabies they are.

    Hugs, Dana, hope today is a fabulous day.


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