Monday, October 4, 2010

single and loving it

Made it through the weekend. Wished I could say I snapped right out of my self pity and worry, but alas that didn't happen. Eating was just ok. Though I did over eat on good things. Fell just short of calling it a food coma No going out to eat lately. I ran out of my Yorks a couple of days ago and I had forgot to freeze any otter pops, so I haven't had alot of treats. Which is good. It's still so hot to ride the bike after about 10 AM. I didn't feel like riding anywhere. I rode to and from my new little lady twice both Sat and Sun and called that exercise. That's about all I did. I listen to LDS Conference both days. I just wasn't feeling it. Not sure why. I put my headphones on to watch on the computer and I kept falling asleep. Both morning and afternoon sessions. I have repented and plan on downloading it to my Ipod to listen again when I am upright. I always feel spiritually uplifted when I listen with real intent.

Feel better today. I walked 2.5 miles on my own this morning. Went and got the title to that beater in my name and got the temporary registration this morning. A friend stopped by and reminded me that problems are not that big and effect only me really. She has some big decisions to make. I am grateful that I am single instead of married to the wrong person just for the sake of being married. Or out of fear of being single. I am grateful that I am not like that anymore. Becauses I spent most of my life trying to please the wrong men. I am grateful for this opportunity to find out about me without the distraction of a partner. For now anyway. I could change my mind. I am glad that I am content with that part of my life. It makes me think of Roxie's post about new endings. Thought alot about that this weekend.

I will go food shopping later. Hoping to pick up that car tonight. I can do a good food shop with a car. Have to go back downtown for my financial stuff this week. I am going to start looking into school this week. Going to settle this vacation back pay thing this week as well. I am going to be working 20 hours a week with the new woman. It will be enough for now. Will still be trying to find something else.

well I guess I will try for a quick bike ride. Keep the mood and the food real...........


  1. I think you are doing great, Dana. Sometimes in the face of trials and tribulations, all we can do is hunker down until it passes. And it will pass. I'm so excited about your new wheels!

    I think you are weathering this storm with an enormous amount of grace. I admire and respect you for it.

  2. It can be exhausting to have the constant stress that you've been dealing with - even when it's not in the forefront on some days, it's always there. So you fell asleep...your body needed a break, and that's ok. Like Roxie said, you ARE doing great!

    Woohoo for the car! Hope you get it tonight and have a fun grocery shop - those can be so inspiring for me, especially when I start in the produce section (not so good when I start in the cereal/bars section, lol).

  3. Glad you're feeling better and good for you...2.5 mile walk - Yes!

    I know what you mean by single and loving it. I was single for a few years after my hubby died and I'm glad I didn't just jump at everyone that came my way...I waited for my sweetie and things worked out the way they were supposed. Keep up the good fight.

  4. I'm with Roxie I think you're doing great. I'm so happy about you getting a car too. I know that will be a relief for you. Glad you'll get in at least 20 hours with the new woman too. Good job on the walk. *hugs*

  5. you are doing great IMO simply by hanging in and on and not sabotaging yourself and your efforts.

    xo xo


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