Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Best Advice

Have had a busy and productive day. Been thinking alot about Roxie's post this morning. I love how she is just so damn sensible. Never a Drama Queen. She told me along time ago the secret of getting back on track. No limits on the amount of food, just the kind of food ( real to her/me food ). The 20 minute trick is a good one too. I just tell myself I will at least do 20 mins. of exercise. Usually ends up being more. Good suggestions that have really helped me. Thanks again Roxie!

I have an odd situation. I received food from my church. Good food, but full fat food. Meaning milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese. I need to use this food in order to make my dreams of NOT living in my daughter's garage come true. I am only part way kidding. So I have been having back and forth feelings about it. I have decided that this is what I have to do for now. I will HAVE to control myself the best I can. Load up on the good food, use the other stuff sparingly. So far, so good. Just not eating processed food will be a big deal. I went into Q.T. ( gas station) for a Diet Coke and notice the deep fried tubes of stuff spinning under the lights. I can remember eating that crap. Not that soda isn't crap, but that's another addiction. I can effortlessly walk on by. Even the donuts mean nothing to me anymore. Got my soda, a couple of tootsie rolls and hit the road. Yes I still love a Tootsie Roll once in a while. Though for months the thought of them made me I am still amazed at how much I have changed. The thought of eating that just doesn't appeal to me. That doesn't mean I am cured, it just means that today I feel good. I am going to wallow in it.

Walked 3.5 miles this morning. Riding the bike to work in the mornings. Awesome weather in the early morn......hotter then Hell in the afternoon. 92 degrees today. Lots of people have been talking about anxiety lately. Today I can say that I was about a 3 on the anxious-o-meter today. Felt so nice!! I don't think I am never not alittle apprehensive. Sad, I know. Though I have noticed a sharp DECLINE since I got canned 3 months ago. I am making a new plan. So I will have a new story. I really feel that this is my year. No really! Much happier.

Hope everyone is having a good Wed night. I am anxious for The Middle and Modern Family. Love those shows. Bed early. Walking early!

keep the mood and the food real............


  1. Wallow - not swallow!
    You are awesome!

  2. I fully support the 20 minute rule. Fully support it.

  3. Glad to be of some service, my dear. I am glad to hear that you are having a good day and are looking forward, dare I say expecting to have a good year. As always, your attitude is wonderful.

    As for the gift of food, use it to your best advantage, whatever that might be. All things are good in moderation. You will do just fine.

    As always, thank you for your support.

  4. Yep, moderation is the key.

    No, you laughing doesn't make you a bad person it makes you just like me lol. Believe me though I did think of you when he got out behind me and then his lights came on. Mike said I should have pushed my boobs together (what boobs) and batted my eyes at him lol. Yea right that would have worked (rolling my eyes) lol.

    Anyway, my anxiety is less today too and I'm thankful. Way to go on the great walk. Wish we still have nice weather here, cold and rainy today :(


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