Monday, November 15, 2010

How do you get organized?

Man, were did the weekend go? Feeling better. Went to watch my Gson make a touchdown at Pee Wee football Saturday morning. I love those games and I was so glad I was able to make it. I stayed and babysat the 4 oldest and we had a nice day. I came home and checked in on my Little Lady and then went to a friend's house for dinner. I stayed up fairly late, for me. I kind of slept in yesterday morning (6am). Skipped walking. Went to work, then I went to church. We had a live broadcast from our church leaders. It was uplifting and I am glad I went.

I woke up Friday morning to find that I am not finished with menopause. I haven't had a period for almost a year. I thought I was done with all that, but alas, that's not the case. My body decided not to mess around this time. OUCH! That answers the cause of my anxiety and sadness the past week. Also I think that this is the reason for the foggy brain. Plus, I am having a hard time concentrating. Hormones!

Pulled out my winter clothes. They are kind of tight, but nothing a couple of weeks of really in some effort won't cure. Food has been ok. I have been trying to focus on not using food this weekend. No food that is a huge plus from the weekend. On my way to pull on my long sweats and my hat and gloves and head out to walk.

Going to start making lists. I have to get into this habit. I think it will help me concentrate and get stuff done. Where do you guys keep track of your life? Do you make lists or do you use an electronic device? I need to get myself organized.

Have a good Monday.............keep the mood and the food real.........


  1. Oh, this is a topic I spend many hours brooding over. I went electronic for several months and found that it DECREASED my productivity rather than improved it. I became a slave to the technology and went back to my trusty paper planner several weeks ago. It was the best decision I've made in a long time.

  2. Hi Dana - Seems like awhile since I've been here. You sound great - I can't wait for grandchildren to go watch their games and recitals and what not!

    I have to tell you that 2 separate times in my early 50s, the same thing happened to me. Went 11 months, thought I was "done", then the Red River came through. Then a second time the same thing. But finally - dry docked, and I'm okay with it!

  3. Usually I just use the blog to talk about stuff I want to get done. Then I know others are seeing it so I tend to stick to getting it done better. Glad you made it to the gson's game. You are the best grandmom and mom helping your daughter with the kids all the time. Hope you enjoyed your walk.

  4. I am a list maker - I always have several going at once (blog topics, to do today, to do this week, etc) - I tried electronic but it was too time consuming to do it. Guess I am a dinosaur at heart, lol!

    I feel for ya on the period thing - going through some "WTH?" stuff myself. But yeah, it does explain the mood swings, as my husband will attest. Doesn't really help not having them, though!

  5. I'm a list maker. I keep a little notebook close at hand nearly all the time. Could be that I'm really organized or it could be that I'm getting so forgetful that I need the paper to remind me. Things that are REALLY important get transfered from the paper list to all forms of electronic alarm systems.

  6. I have no idea where that weekend went. Where ever it did go it went there far too bloody quick!

    Hormones are the worst. so frickin' unreliable. grrrrr.

    way to go on the no food comas.
    want to help me organise my life? i suck. i make tooo many lists.

  7. laughing that I read this and thought:


    I am indeed Listmaker McGee yet that hasnt YET made a dent in the disorganization that is the domicile.

  8. I also went paperless - and went back!
    And bit by bit I am undoing all the clutter..
    in my home, in my thoughts, in my past....
    Hey - does this outfit (or thought or what ever)
    really even fit me anymore?
    NO? Well, out it goes!


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