Friday, November 5, 2010

A Peaceful, Easy Feeling

While getting my soda at Q.T. yesterday I saw the man that fired me on my Bday. I poked him gently in the arm to say hello. Just a quick "how are you" and he ran out of there like his pants were on fire. I can honestly say that I had no ill feelings or anger toward him. No nausea I almost hurled when I saw his wife at the movies a couple days after my Bday. I go to pick up my check from his son this morning. I must say that little fit of rage cost him a pretty penny. Probably not has much as it should have, but I feel good about the amount. So I say thank you........for doing for me what I could not do for myself. Funny how life is. Amazing!

I took an old N.A.. friend out to see my daughter yesterday. I haven't seen her in about 10 years. She wasn't really impressed with my weight loss till she was looking at some pics at Cassie's and then her jaw dropped. Made me feel good. I was glad to see her. Also kind of made me glad that we aren't as close as we used to be. For lots of reasons. Anyway, it was a nice day, even though I got a flat about a block from my daughter's. SIL to the rescue....again. Had to buy I new tire. Oh well, such is life. At least I had the money to do so. Also, not having to change the tire myself....priceless!

Brought a Gson home with me. After I go to my little lady and meet with the old boss we are going to the AZ Natural History Museum. We went the Soring of last year but it was with all the kids and I didn't think he got as much out of it as he could. Besides I stood in line next to a rank, homeless, Tea Partier, on election day. To get free culture passes from the library. Wanted the Zoo, but alas, they were already gone. That was a was an interesting way to spend an hour. Next to a man who never stopped talking conspiracy theories. From JFK to Nixon. Good Times! Do I have the face that attracts crazy, sometimes I think so.

I want to go hiking this weekend, if I can find someone to go with. So we'll see. Not much to say on the food and exercise front. Same old, same old. Using the "full fat" foods in moderation. Haven't really been home much. H20 could be better, but is improving. Walking, ever walking. Will miss this morning, but will be back at it tomorrow. Hope you all have a great Fall weekend.

Keep the mood and the food real...............


  1. I love when I see an old friend who compliments me on my weight loss like that. It is a much needed pat on the back at times and helps me stay motivated. ) Hope you have a fun weekend! :)

  2. Come hiking with me next weekend in the Ozarks -
    We could see the Clinton museum!
    And Wicked! the musical!

  3. I wish I could come hiking with you. Wouldn't me, you, Roxie and Anne be a hoot? lol now that would be a girls day out for sure *smile*. Glad you'll be done with all the old work stuff. Hope you have a good time with the gson.

  4. You have such a thankful heart. Having the money for a new tire and then getting it changed is priceless for sure.

    Hope you have lots of fun with gson. And hiking sounds like fun.

    Btw, I bought the book "Son of Hamas" for my mom after I read what you had to say about it on your blog. She loved it. I have it on my currently reading list but haven't read a word ;) I'm a slow reader but I'll get to it.

  5. I have not been by your blog in AGES!! I keep up with you a bit on FB but really happy to stop by here. Your profile is beautiful!! How are you?? Love the new blog look, too.(since i was last here like 1 year ago!}


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