Friday, December 10, 2010

Heavenly Friday!

I love the new family pics Cassie had done for her Christmas cards. I will share some more through out the month. They all turned out awesome! I know what I'm getting for Christmas! Look at those adorable I BLESSED or what??!

Doing ok. Both of my ladies are getting alittle worse. It's hard to watch people decline, but I am glad I can be there for them and their families. This morning Ann said "How did Heavenly Father know I needed you"? Made me proud. This kind of work is really sacred, I think. I think Heavenly Father gave me a talent. To help those dieing and their families. Now if only I could make a good living at it. It does take a toll on me though. Remember last year at this time? Mr. 92 died. Always takes my mind off my own problems. Just what I need. I am sure I am a little depressed, but will work through it. My food has been way off. Crazy off. Still walking most every day....5 out of 7 for sure.

My sister is coming from Japan Christmas Eve. I am glad. It's her MIL that is one of the ladies I care for. I hope it will be a good visit for them and his family. Just wish I had the energy to start decorating alittle. I know if I do it will lessen my blues. Sometimes it's so hard to do the right thing.....even and especially when you know it's good for you. Stupid character defects! I am going to make a friend come force me to decorate and listen to holiday music. UGH!

Cutting it short. The weather has been gorgeous. 77 degrees here today. I have an extra bed if any one wants to Have biked everyday and try to get outside as much as possibleH2O could be much much better. It's the simple, cheap things that keep it going.

Going to focus on doing the next right thing and doing as little damage to myself as possible. When I get in caregiver mode I sometimes forget to care for me. I am so busy anticipating others needs that I was no clue what I need. Something to think about......till next time....

Keep the mood and the food real......


  1. Be right there!!
    Ok, maybe just in March!
    Good for the walking!

  2. I love that pic! :) SO cute!

  3. Gorgeous pictures of your grandchildren, Dana. I know that you are a godsend to your ladies.

    Good to know about the extra space - I just may surprise you!

  4. What a beautiful picture - it's clear your grandchildren are not only adored by many, but feel the love AND share it. So sweet. :)

    I'm not in a decorating mood this year - some years are just that way. Maybe get a couple of poinsettias and call it done?

    Your eating may not be on, but your exercise sure it - good job!

    And I'm so glad you are there for your old people - you really are a treasure.

  5. I am so happy your ladies have you and I know how grateful they must be for you. Wish I could come visit it's in the 20-30's here. Would love to go walking and biking with you. I know what you mean about making yourself do stuff knowing it's good for you. Hope you have a nice visit with your sister.

  6. OH

    love the photo.


    did I mention the photo tugged at my heartstrings?


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