Thursday, December 30, 2010

the look says it all!

A picture is worth a thousand words. The look on my face says it all. I had a great Christmas. I was opening the Kindel the kids got me. I am loving it. Reading the new Davd Sedaris book. Pretty good. I haven't really looked at all the extras on the Modern Family dvd yet. So far, they aren't anything special. Getting my hair done this morning. It's raining and blowing. Think I will pass on the early morning walk. Maybe after it gets a little warmer. I am suppose to have the day off. Still have to go in this morning for a few minutes.

I plan on going out to my daughter's today. Got to get me a Gkid fix. Don't know what we'll do. I am going to take back some "gifts" I bought myself. Stuff I decided I didn't need. I need to go get new glasses. I lost my other pair. It had been about a year, so I am due for a new pair. I never go too expensive, cause I have a long history of loosing glasses. Usually if I don't look too hard ( i.e. fixate ) things will come to me. Sadly, not this time.

Still trying to hold on. I will be glad when the holidays are over and I am hoping that since they have hired a couple other people I can have a life again. I want to do that 20 day thing that Roxie did. Have a great Thursday!

Keep the mood and the food real..............


  1. That look is priceless, Dana! Made me laugh right out loud this morning. I'm glad you are enjoying your gift. I, too, love David Sedaris. Funny, funny stuff.

  2. LOVE IT! LOL Merry Christmas to you.

    And Happy New Year.

  3. So cute!! You have great kids!!!

    Keep focused!

  4. That is awesome - glad someone captured "the look" - so cute!

  5. You look so cute :)
    I bought my daughter one of those and she loves it.

  6. Love the photo! DH got a Kindle for Christmas and he's bought two books every day since. Ahem. He's a super-fast reader on vacation!

    Check out for glasses. They're dirt cheap! I buy all my glasses there--for the past few years. I try on in the store to see what style looks good, then pick up a pair for $30-$50.

  7. what fun! you look like you had a great Christmas.

  8. You and your precious face!
    Happy happy New Year, Dana!

  9. You look so happy! What a cute face.

    My hub and I both got Kindles a few months ago, and in general, we love them. Mine had some major freeze-up problems and I had to return it for a new one, which is also a bit tempermental (though not as bad as the first one). Just a word of advice, if it does give you problems, call Amazon right away. At least get it documented.

    So...HAPPY NEW YEAR, Dana!


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