Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Christmas 2010

Christmas was wonderful. I went crazy organizing right before the holiday and in the process made memory boxes for my kids. It was a great idea. All their 1st grade homework, artwork and other stuff goes back to them. It was a hit and I feel more organized. I love it when it's a win/win. The kids gave me a Kindel and I have been too busy to even really play wit it. My sister is in town from Japan and work is still crazy. My Little Lady's family is hiring people to give me a break. I need it for sure. Tomorrow is a day off....suppose to be. I have been doing over nights and everything.

Food has been fair to poor. I am holding at 200 lbs. It's all I can right now. I have been trying to just recognize when I am eating when not hungry. Mindless eating with all the treat around. Over all I feel I've done ok with the treats. Not too many, My daughter didn't buy candy. Her kids have bad teeth and so she just doesn't bother. Plus she is trying to loose that post baby weight.

I fell night before last and pulled a.....don't laugh...a butt muscle. Now my knee is starting to hurt from compensating. Still can work. Sitting is a problem. Anyway, feel kind of banged up. Walked yesterday, but then that's when my knee started hurting. I have got to just take it easy. I can't afford to get myself hurt. I'm all I've got after....lol. Going back to that dream of not living in my daughter's garage. I am ready to let some of the money go and get a life back. I will get burnt out. I really feel blessed to be able to be able to earn this money. Believe me.

My daughter and her family went to a friend's cabin for a couple of day's. There is suppose to be this giant snow storm heading their way. Kind of worried, but I am sure they will be fine. They will have a good time. I needed to stay back and work and try to get some time in with my sister.

That's about it for now. Going to go read how your holidays were. Keep the mood and the food real........Will post Christmas pics when my daughter does. My camera was being werid Christmas. Lucky me.


  1. Good morning Dana. I'm glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday and sorry to hear about your butt! hee. I know those things are painful. I hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your sister and your new Kindle.

    I think you are doing an amazing job.

  2. I hear the whole big picture in your post - life at full throttle but not too frantic. All the nice celebration with accompanying tiredness, hanging on by one's fingernails to maintain the weight and not gain (which I DID NOT achieve), enjoying family and friends while needing respite. And a sore butt to boot (HAH! Hope you don't get booted in the sore butt - that was an unintended tee hee!)

    I'm working on your always wise last words - keeping the mood and the food real. Take care, Dana.

  3. Hi, Dana!! I hear you loud and clear. I have been mindless eating, too. I sat down and made 5 goals just for this week!! I am on my way!!:)

    Love seeing you again...enjoy your blog.


  4. I got my daughter a Kindle for Christmas and she loves it :)
    Glad your going to have a day off, take that day to look after yourself!!

  5. Dear goodness.
    I pulled my butt once
    the week before basic training!
    Slipped on the ice.
    No relief there!
    BioFreeze helps.
    Glad you had a great Christmas!

  6. oh lady I CAN SOOO RELATE to the booty troubles.

    hope it's better this moring.

    I echo bio freeze and add ARCTIC EASE!!

  7. Take care of your buttocks (say that in a Forrest Gump voice for maximum effect), Dana...and I'm glad things are slowing down for you, work-wise.

    Sounds like it has been a wonderful Christmas for you and the family. Glad you are getting to spend time with your sister from Japan!


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