Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wake me in a week

Wake me when this week is over! I have now gotten myself in alittle over my head. The Little Lad is requiring alot more care. It double my money, but not my pleasure.....lol. I start with her around 5 AM. She had now gotten in the habit of calling at 9 PM to tell me she can't get back to sleep. Well, thanks now I'm awake. To top it off I am traveling about 60 round trip everyday to sleep at in someone else's bed to do dog sitting for a week. So I will be so happy happy when money is in my hot little hands, until then then , well I am just sucking it up. I have to make money when I can. Old people do not last forever.....lol. I love her and her family. It is still hard. I need to give up some of the green and get someone to cover one day a week for me at least. I KNOW THIS. But this too shall pass. I can do anything for a week!

Food is still crap. Drive thru every night. WTF??!! Like it's some kind of reward for killing myself with work. Stupid! I only walked 2 miles yesterday. Really going to try to make it 4 with a buddy this morning. We'll see how the Little Lady cooperates.

Things will get back to normal. So will my eating and walking. Just ride it out Dana! Just another cute little Gson pics to brighter MY day!
Keep the mood and the food real.................


  1. Hang in there. Monday is already over. One day closer to the end of the week.

    Eating at drive thrus can be tough. They will usually substitute salads for fries in combos. Wendy's has great salads. Of course, if you are trying to eat while driving a salad just won't work.

  2. The old trick - "I Deserve A Treat For Putting Up With All This Crap So I'll Go To A Drive Trough!" Never works quite the way we want it to, does it.
    Ah well.... one week! Almost there!

  3. Hang in there baby. And next week when I am going NUTS, you can tell me the same thing, OK?

    Cute, cute, cute grandsons!

  4. It's true we can do anything for a week, hang in there my friend. *hugs*

  5. I wonder if Anne H's comment on the "Drive Trough" intentional or a Freudian slip of sorts? :-) Trough being a container for animal feed. That's what Drive Through's tend to be sometimes...they make me feel as if I am mindlessly grazing.

    Hang in there, Dana. You can do it.

  6. It's only a week, but how can a week last so long sometimes?!? Good luck, and treat yourself well with HEALTHY foods that your body will thank you for...got to keep it strong for all the work you're asking of it! :)


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