Monday, January 10, 2011


I had a very low key weekend. Saturday I was feeling like crap. I was feeling pretty good yesterday and rode out and went to church with my Gkids. They are enough to cheer anyone up. It feels so good to see how happy they are when I get there. Baby Z laughed for the 1st time yesterday. I cackle when I laugh and it seemed to just crack him up. The more I laughed the more he would laugh. It was sweet. My daughter started to cry. He's growing up fast. Getting his own little personality. Tomorrow my 4 year old Gson will turn 5. I can't believe it. Fastest 5 years ever.

I am giving the job another week. If I can get into some kind of routine it will be better. I can't keep doing this to my body. I picked The Little Lady off the floor last week. Stupid. I get into caretaker mode and forget about anything else. I get so busy trying to anticipate others needs. I have no clue what I need. I feel stuck. This isn't fun anymore.

I feel like I am suppose to move on to the next thing. I just need to keep my ears open. I need some goals. I feel like I have been just eeking out a life for awhile. I am not moving forward with anything. I need to plan. I have been writing this same thing over and over. I am going to give this some thought this week. I need a long term and a couple of short term goals. I just don't know what I WANT to do.

I walked a good 3 miles this morning. I have made a huge pot of WW chili and plan to eat on it all week. If I can just stay away from drive thrus. UGH! That is a sure sign that I don't give a crap about me. So that is the goal for today. Increase my water and No Take Out. I can do it.

Here's to a great week. Keep the mood and the food real.................


  1. You can do it Dana. Cute picture of the baby. Too cute that he loves your laugh, my mom has that cackle laugh too lol. Glad the gkids cheer you up *hugs*.

  2. Adorable picture of baby Z. I'm a cackler, too!

    Could one goal this week just be no drive-thrus? You've got food prepared already, so just as a gentle nudge back into better self-care? Just a thought.

    It is so hard to set goals if you don't have what you want clearly defined. What do you want your life to look like this time next year? That's how I kind of start to zero in on what I want - is to think what would my life look like, how would it feel, what would I be doing? Those kinds of questions and sometimes that helps get some focus.

    Please take care of you - You are the only you we've got. Wishing you the best week ever.

  3. Zander is adorable, and how sweet that you made him laugh! Obviously he shares your sense of humor. :)

    Hope you get the work situ straightened out. And goals? Yes. I find I do much better when I have one or two to focus on. No drive thrus sounds like that would be a great one for you - just don't even let that be an option. Sort of the "I don't do that anymore" mentality. Treat yourself better than that. Hugs to you.

  4. Beautiful baby. Great work on keeping the walking up. Like your plan to give the job a little more time. Hope it turns better.

  5. (AMAZING PHOTO) I hope it isnt too hokey to say or suggest you just sit with all this for now.
    and wait.
    and be open to your goals/goal ideas coming to you.

    look around
    blog browse and be patient.


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