Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Monday morning! I had a great weekend. I wanted to post these weekend pics so I can remember how much joy I was feeling this weekend. I don't know why it was that way, but I am going to ride the joy while it lasts. I loved Roxie's post about tampering her joy. Totally do the same thing. However, I think that happiness and joy or 2 different things. Happiness is motivated my something outside myself. Like a raise or a cute pair of new shoes. Joy I think is motivated by my relationships. Including and especially the relationship I am building with me.

This is Carson. I love it that as soon as we get there they find their fishing stick.

Notice what her shirt says....I want chocolate ice cream and cookies for dinner.....I didn't buy her that I

Got to jump in the shower. My little Lady is back to being agitated and anxious. Poor thing. she was on the floor this morning when I got back from my walk. She will require alot of time today. I have set some intentions for the week. I need a new bra. I was wondering if their was a MLK bra sell President's Day is the white sales..right??
Have a good Monday. I really have Dawn on my mind today. She is having surgery today. I am just so impressed with her and her courage. First of all she has lost 200 lbs. 2nd she is rewarding herself with a full body lift. She totally deserves this. I am sure she would appreciate all the prayers she can get. I really want to see The King's Speech...thanks for the recommendation for Roxie. After I saw him win last night it makes me want to see it even more.
Keep the mood and the food real...........


  1. Your grandkids are the very embodiment of joy, Dana. I think you've got it right on the difference between happiness and joy. Joy is an inside job. I hope your little lady has a good day today. I know you will make the very most of it.

    Go to the movie - it really is wonderful. Hugs to you.

  2. Oooh, I really want to see the King's Speech, too, and now The Kids are Alright, too. And Black Swan, though I hated her speech. ;-)

    Polar's Mom

  3. Yes to a new bra - I swear they take 10 pounds off, instantly!

    I want to see the King's Speech too. :)

  4. What great grandkids :) They'll help keep you young.

  5. Love the photos as always and am with you (as usual).
    Thinking about Dawn.
    I adore her as well.

  6. Love your different meanings of happiness and joy, you are totally right. I DO feel differently when I experience joy. My granddaughter gives me this feeling for sure!

    Love your blog! I'm another Roxie and now a new follower!!



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