Friday, January 14, 2011

let it go and move on

Note to self.....Dana, just because you went alittle over board on Dove chocolate last night doesn't discount all the good things you did this past week. Let it go and move on. Enough said.

Walked this morning. Trying to break in some new sneakers. OUCH! The ball of my foot was killing by mile 3. Help! They are Puma sneakers. They felt great walking around the house and I love how they look. Does anyone know if they are even walking shoes. I know, silly, but they were on sale and so stinkin cute. I am thinking maybe I tied them too tight. Any suggestions out there.....besides take them

I was back into my size 14 jeans yesterday. I wore them comfortably all day. That is a huge step in the right direction. Eating my fake eggs and fake bacon ( turkey ) for breakfast. Yummy. Still doing good with eating what I make at home.

Ok, this is going to surprise everyone, cause it surprised me. I am almost embarrassed to say this, but I have a little crush on my Little Lady's son. He's married, so of course nothing would ever happen. Though, it is nice to know I am not dead inside. This is the 1st time this has happened in 10 I feel nervous around him, like a school girl....ugh! It makes me feel so uncomfortable that I try not to be around him for very long. Everyone that know me IRL are pointing and laughing at me. Whatever.....

Ok, well everyone have a great weekend. Get out and do something wonderful. I might ride down to Tucson this weekend and check out the memorial at the Medical Center where our Congresswoman is being treated. I loved the Pres.'s speech night before last. This is a time to rallied together. I would love it if the people that govern this nation would do that. Now, if that happened I really would be surprised!

Keep the mood and the food real..............


  1. Get thee behind me, Dove bar. Nope, it doesn't undo what good you've done.

    As for the crush, harmless crushes can be quite a motivational tool.

  2. I'm not sure the Pumas are for walking. Not sure Puma makes walkers at all. Unfortunately most walkers are not very attractive, that's how I can usually pick them out...

    Polar's Mom

  3. A few extra Doves won't be the end of your diet - if that were true, I'd have been a goner long ago.

    A crush does let you know you're still alive! That's sweet, Dana.

    Congrats on getting back into the size 14 jeans - see? You have got it together! Have a good weekend!

  4. The commenters before me are right. Don't worry about the chocolate and go ahead and crush on the crush.

    As far as the foot pain goes... I would take it seriously. If you've never had foot/heel/arch/ball pain before and you have it now, obviously it's the shoe.

    It could be as simple as not enough padding, or support, or a too high or low arch...the toe box could be too narrow... It doesn't matter. I have ruined my feet by forcing myself to endure pain and "get used to" shoes that I wanted just because they were cute. Please don't do that.

    What can you do? Bite the bullet and stop wearing them - or take them in to a good athletic shoe store and ask them if they can help you figure it out. It could be just a lacing technique is all you need (I suggest you WAY loosen the toe area). Maybe you can get away with some good arch supports.

    The worst case scenario is you need another pair of shoes. I think it really pays to get professional help in choosing shoes - especially till you find a brand that your foot likes.

    I know from experience that Pumas always run narrow - especially in the toe box. A narrow toe box pinches nerves and causes ball pain.

  5. Doves are gentle and forgiving.
    At least it's not a raven bar.
    Or old crow!
    Of all things I had a little crush on a patient's son once.
    And it was mutual!
    Where did THAT come from?
    Nothing happened, of course.
    Of course.
    But I guess these things do happen!

  6. Dana forget the Dove bars........what Dove bars?? I keep meaning to tell you ever since i heard the name of the most recent Narnia movie Voyage of the DawnTreader that it makes me think of you every time. That you when you walk in the mornings The DawnTreader! Cool huh??

    The Crush? Yes it does make you feel incredibly alive doesn't it? And someone whose off limits maybe even a little more so because you feel 'safe' knowing he is off limits. But you know if it gets your heart pumping and maybe make you aware of your appearance when he's around thats a good thing no? Maybe help you step carefully away from the next Dove bar? LOL! Love ya Dana! Hugs deb


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