Saturday, January 8, 2011

Routine Much?

I am still alive. I've been doing ok. Lost 2lbs last week. Which is great considering I wasn't really trying and I've not walked consistently in 2 weeks. I am working 13 hours a day. I feel wiped out. Both mentally and physically. I really forgot what a toll this kind of work can take on a person. I have the entire weekend off. Well I was suppose to. The Little Lady called at 2 and at then again twice at 5. There is suppose to another person working with her overnight and weekends. I can see that won't last long. She really should probably go to a care center, but her family really wants her at home, yet they don't realize that now she is really a 2 person job. Anyway, I need the money. I need to be looking around for something easier. For sure. I have got used to the money, now I almost feel like I can't quit. I feel like I am right where I was in Sept. Hating the thoughts of going to work. UGH!

In other great news I am sick for my 2 days off in 8 weeks. I ought to loose some weight this next week. I have been in the bathroom all night and the thoughts of food makes me sick. I am achy and I have a crazy cough. Good times.

I am loving the new Kindle. You can read outside and I love that I have all my books right in that little thing that slips right in my purse. Sweet! I saw the Gkids yesterday. That little one is starting to coo and smile and I just want to eat him up.

So 1st thing is to get better. I will be taking it easy all weekend. Then I am going to try to get into a routine. I need a routine. So I am hoping to get caught up with all of you guys over the next 2 days. I am so behind. so so behind. I really feel scattered. This won't last forever. Hang on, Dana.

Have a great weekend.....keep the mood and the food real.


  1. Oh girl, I hope you feel better soon! Being sick is no way to spend your two days off!

    Do take it easy this weekend and let us hear from you more often! I miss you!

  2. Hugs and get well soon!
    If I were there, I would be your Nurse!

  3. Feel better soon, Dana! Take the weekend to loll around in bed with your Kindle - sounds pretty nice to me. :)

  4. checking in from the FLIP SIDE.
    did you find the routine?

    and the kindle love?


    hope youre feeling better.


  5. How are you feeling after a weekend of rest????


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