Saturday, January 22, 2011

say hello to a good buy

Aren't they a cute couple. They are their way to being an eternal couple. I am going to Dan's baptism this afternoon. They are such a great couple. They are both kind and passionate and generous people, by themselves. Together they are in stoppable! Glad they are on my

The weekend got off to a great start. My "crush" came to visit his mother and sent me home. Don't have to ask me twice. I went bra shopping. Boy did my girls need support. I had pics taken at Christmas time with my sister and my boobs were hanging low. Plus my shirt was see through. Why oh why don't people tell you if your boobs look like low hanging headlights on your chest. Believe me I gave all my friends and family what for. Found a great sale on "age defying" lift bras. Thank you bra fairies.....and

Can I just say that I love Kohl's...L.O.V.E. I found some Nike "width" walkers too. Have been wearing them around the house and I think they might work. I am not going to wear them this morning. I am going to try for 5 miles this morning. I really need to stick with the shoes I know feel good. I also found some jean leggings. WOOHOO! Been wanting some to wear with my new boots I gifted myself with at Christmas. All of the stuff was purchased at the low clearance price. SAY HELLO TO A GOOD BUY!

Sticking to no drive thrus. Need to drink more H20. Need to fill up my gallon jug to help me keep track. All in all am feeling great. Treating myself well. Feeling good about life in general. Going to enjoy it while it lasts.

enjoy your weekend! keep the mood and the food real............


  1. Did you like my knickname for you??? DawnTreader?? LOL! Keep it up girl! Your doing good!

  2. They are an adorable couple! And Woo Hoo on the bargains!

  3. There is nothing like a Kohl's clearance! So happy you found some new clothes, and all-important bras! :)

    Congrats to your SIL - you've said many times how great he is and I think it's really wonderful that a mother-in-law can think that about her daughter's husband.

  4. Power shopping at it's finest!

  5. oooh I NEED ME SOME AGE DEFYING BRAS (yes Im shouting) and someone to drag me shopping for aforementioned brassiere-age.

    I lazy like that.


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