Thursday, January 20, 2011

Scale love

Oh Happy Day! This morning was the official 1st weigh in after recommitting. I am pleased with a 3.2 lb loss. Very pleased. I wasn't perfect. I did however pay attention and I tried. I drank a butt load of H20 over the past 3 days. I walked. I continue to put on real clothes EVERYDAY. This is huge cause I could easily stay in sweats all day. I stayed away from drive thrus. Actually I did eat some pizza and one McDonald's hamburger. I treated the Gkids last weekend. I didn't even think it tasted good. Just yick. I am really close to Onederland again. Go Me!!

So the scale love has me in a pretty good mood. I am not looking forward to going to work this morning. I left early yesterday and worked it out to where I can leave early every Wed. That will be good. She isn't eating anything. She is drinking very little. It can't last forever. Bless her heart. She just isn't really ready to give it up just yet. She keeps saying she wants to go home. Over and over. Demanding to be taken home. She is home. I think she means her Heavenly Home. Anyway. We did go for a long car ride yesterday. It's still a job and it's all I have going on. Again, if I look at it as a labor of love I do much better, It really is a privilege to help people die. Remember is important work.

I have a 66 year old friend that is in love. It is so funny. She wants to jump his bones. I love this woman. She stuck with a husband who far from being a faithful husband. She nursed him through cancer till he passed. He left her with nothing but bills. She goes from child to child to stay. She doesn't have her own home. Kind of sad. I really hope this works out for her. She deserves to have some happiness. Plus, it proves there is still hope for If I wanted a hubs I would have one I guess. I don't really want one. Not now anyway. Life is full of changes. Look how it came out of no where for my friend.

Ok....well I have to get out the door. Walking this morning...I hope. If L.L. is crazy I will have to stay with her. Hopefully she'll be sleeping.

Keep the mood and the food real...........


  1. Life is full of changes..... they seem to come out of nowhere.
    Awesome on the loss, and recommitment!
    And just in time for Spring and Summer!

  2. Yay!!!YAY YAY YAY!!!! You will be in Onederland soon!

  3. Congrats on the scale love - I like how you are treating yourself so well these days! :)

  4. Super scale victory!!! YAY

    Polar's Mom


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